The Souls of Social Animals: Lady Liuwa and the Beauty of Racial Society

Sticking with those who look like you--those of your own race--is the best way not only respect your own race and racial needs, but also other races and their racial needs.


White Life is Precious—We Cannot Lose it Forever

I cannot let my species die. The White race is mine and I am part of it. I cannot let it die. We cannot let this happen. We must do something, now, before it is too late. In 2,000 years I want there to be White people on this earth. I want people who look like me to still exist. I have a right to want my own to survive.

A Natural Christian Response to the Refugee Question

As the “refugee” question heats up, things are getting uglier for White people. Already thousands of these invaders have been admitted into European countries, and Canada and the US are also taking them in despite heavy protest. Do those of us who stand to suffer from bringing all of these racially foreign and Muslim immigrants …

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