The Nature of the Left From the Perspective of the Right

The Difference between the alt-right and the alt-light on similarity with the left is a matter of ends v means. The Alt-right differs from the left on ends, while the alt-light differs only in means. The ideal world of the left and the alt-light are the same, whiles on the alt-right, ours is very different.


Fearing the Narrative: Why the Alt-Right Alone is Free From the Power of the Left

As I watched all these poor people rushing to condemn Richard Spencer because they were afraid he might confirm the leftist narrative, it struck me just how much power the left still has over these people. They live in a state of fear that they will somehow confirm a leftist narrative. For some reason, it never strikes them that maybe the left shouldn’t be the ones defining the narratives, and that maybe, if they stopped bowing in obeisance to the leftist narratives, those narratives would lose their power to define them.

How To Think About the Alt-Light In the video above, Richard Spencer discusses what took place at the Free Speech rally in D.C. this past weekend, and specifically discusses the rift between us on the alt-right and the alt-light. I recommend watching this video all the way through. Spencer is truly a sensible, decent, resourceful, stand-out guy, and a true …

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