Stop White Shaming: an Introduction

Living in a society that shames Whiteness and White people is one of the most pervasive White experiences today. This degrading experience of hatred is something that western society inflicts upon every White person. A pervasive cultural stigma creates a culture of White shaming, and lies at the heart of the abuse and injustice White people face.  This is intended to be merely an introduction toward understanding this White experience.

The Basis of White Human Rights:

Whites, like all races of living creatures, are a separate and unique life-form, and all life-forms have immense inherent value in the Natural system, and thus the right to preserve and practice their separate and unique racial identities. Your Racial identity is what you are, and who you belong with—“you own kind”—and connects you with others who share your being as a member of a distinct life-form. Many rights and duties are attached to this, but all we need to note for now is that your racial identity is inescapably a huge part of who you are: something you have a need and a right to celebrate, practice, and feel positive about.

Thus, as White people, the life-form to which we belong has inherent value, and the White racial identity is worthy of pride, celebration, and free exercise. This is us. This is you. You have a racial identity to be proud of and the right to live out your celebration and connection to your Whiteness. Anyone or any policy which attempts to make anyone feel ashamed, guilty, or unworthy regarding their racial identity is immoral, cruel, and Unnatural.  Anyone or any ideology or policy which tries to do this by maligning, devaluing, and demonizing your racial group and identity by throwing other’s blame at you is equally immoral, cruel, and Unnatural.  It is abusive.

How that happens to White people:

Each individual has sole control—let’s call it agency—over their own choices and feelings. Thus, merely saying something negative about someone is not injustice. This injustice takes place when people are left with no ability to choose any opinion of themselves other than the one their attacker’s create for them. The way this is done to White people, is to deprive the White community of accurate and honest information about Whiteness and the White race and identity in history and in the present. Ignorance of the true racial condition of Whiteness in the White community is power to those who hate the White community. To deprive people of knowledge of their racial position and experiences, and the parallel experiences of other races, and to use that forced ignorance to devalue their racial identity and force them to feel bad about themselves, is injustice pure and simple.

The War on Whiteness:

The attack on Whiteness today is not a spare-time hobby of a few  nostalgic haters with too much time on their hands. Rather, it is a concerted—often paid—effort to humiliate, invalidate, demonize, and devalue the White community. There is a whole industry that has been constructed around hating White people, staffed by those who have invested immense intellectual and economic resources into making their hatred of Whiteness bear fruit in society. These people do not belong to any one racial group. Not even to any one ethnic, national, or religious group. Rather, they belong to a broad ideological group: Equalitariansm. These people have used their influence and control of information to create a culture of anti-White hatred in society today. This cultural condition I like to informally call “White shaming” because that is the whole point behind it.


Melanosupremacy is the ideal that if you are not White you are superior to, and should be treated better than, those who are White. If you are White, anyone who is not White is thought to be superior to you. Today, we live in a society founded on the ideals of Melanosupremacy. This doctrine has a very simple formula: White = bad! NonWhite = Good! The Melanosupremacist mindset rationalizes this belief through three interrelated “racist” doctrines: the White guilt doctrine, the nonwhite innocence doctrine, and the NonWhite teacher/White learner doctrine. Classifying these three doctrines according to what they accomplish towards creating Melanosupremacy I look at them as the three “clauses” of this mindset: The White inferiority clause, the NonWhite superiority clause, and the White invalidation/non-white validation clause, or the power clause.

The White Guilt Doctrine (the White inferiority Clause): this is the responsibility shifting part of the mindset, the part which shifts responsibility onto Whiteness. It claims that Whiteness is responsible for the evils of the world. This doctrine puts down Whiteness as morally defective and inferior. It is paired with the NonWhite innocence doctrine to more forcefully claim White inferiority, and to set the stage for the power clause.

The NonWhite Innocence Doctrine (the NonWhite Superiority Clause): this is the other half of the responsibility shifting part of the mindset. It is the part which shifts all responsibility away from NonWhites. It claims that Nonwhites are innocent of any evil in the world, and no matter what they do, it is ultimately the fault of White people. This doctrine puts down Whiteness by refusing to hold NonWhiteness accountable for its moral imperfections, and by using Whiteness as a scapegoat. It creates an identity for NonWhiteness as an example of moral purity against which it judges the morally lacking identity it created for Whiteness in the first doctrine, and then summarily declares Whiteness evil by contrasting it to this false image of NonWhite perfection.

The NonWhite Teacher/White Learner Doctrine (The White Invalidation/NonWhite Validation Clause; the Power Clause): this is the doctrine which takes the identities created for Whiteness and NonWhiteness by the other two doctrines, and puts them together in a way that disempowers Whiteness and gives NonWhiteness power over Whiteness. It states that not only are Whites morally inferior and NonWhites morally superior, but also that Whites don’t know how to be good, that NonWhites do, and that Whites can only discover how to be good by doing what NonWhites tell them to. This invalidates White perspectives by dismissing them, and gives automatic validity to NonWhite perspectives, automatically assuming they are valid. This in turn gives NonWhiteness power over Whiteness.

Laying the Foundations of Racial Injustice:

There is a basic method to the system of racial hatred against Whiteness. The culture of anti-White hatred and “White shaming” depends on aspects of the racial discourse in society. The ruling melanosupremacist society relies on a specific racial discourse of Responsibility Allocation to pathologize (i.e. demonize) Whiteness and White identity, and to hurt and devalue White lives and White people.

Responsibility Allocation, False Accusation, and Racial Demonization:

Melanosupremacists devalue and demonize White people through Responsibility allocation. But to fully understand this, we must go back to the basics: The world works in such a way that negative things happen to people. Sometimes people are responsible and sometimes they aren’t: some things are the result of nature, other causes beyond any one person or group’s control, or the convergence of multiple factors. The touchstone for all of this is the concept of responsibility. If you are held responsible for the bad thing that happened you get in trouble; you suffer for it—and crucially, those not held responsible will not. Thus, when Whiteness is declared responsible, White people have to take all the consequences which come with responsibility: guilt, shame, blame, devaluation, lowered  self-concept, and the striping away of otherwise Natural rights.

This is fine if the person or group blamed really are responsible. But if the responsibility is not given to the people who really deserve it, and is instead allocated on the basis of racial hatred, then innocent people and identities, are forced to take responsibility for something they didn’t do, either in kind or in degree. This is unjust. Justice demands that each group bear their own responsibility, and share reasonability where appropriate: under a just model, Whites and non-Whites must each bear their own responsibility. When Whites are made to bear White and non-White responsibility, and non-Whites are allowed to bear no responsibility, and be declared innocent, that is injustice.

False accusation is the method melanosupremacists use to allocate responsibility in society away from non-whites. White people are accused of things through false narratives, and false accusations. These accusations may either be false in kind (things not done at all) or in degree (things done in collaboration with others whose share of the guilt one of the equally guilty parties is made to take all of), but they are all toxic and damaging defamations. Whatever is wrong with the world is also a White man’s fault. And the result of this is that Whiteness and White people are forced unjustly to suffer the punishment of responsibility that does not belong to them: shame, blame, guilt, devaluation, loss of self-concept, and loss of rights. Making the innocent suffer for the guilty, because the innocent are White, and you don’t like them, is wrong.

The Manifestations:

This racially hateful narrative creates a culture that is hostile to Whiteness and hazardous to White people. There are multiple ways in which melanosupremacy and anti-White hatred manifest themselves in the culture.  Here are some of the most prominent ones:


Melanocentrism means that we only talk about the ways a situation effects non-Whites, and ignore the ways a situation effects Whites. What this means is that we only consider the interests of non-Whites and that we only consider the perspectives of non-Whites. The interests and perspectives of White people are totally ignored and invisible. We are treated as if we have no stake in the situation. It means looking past obvious large effects on White communities, to note smaller effects on non-White communities. Ultimately, it means invalidating and suppressing the White voice in society. The following quote is an excellent example of melanocentrism at work: note that the author is not willing to condemn anti-White ideals as anti-white, rather he struggles to re-define an anti-White ideology into something that he can characterize as anti-Nonwhite—only then will he condemn it:

 “ [According to this mode of thinking] racism. . .is a product of [White] society, which is why [academics] are so bad at seeing racism when it is committed by non-whites, because [they think] only whites can really be racist. This, itself, is a racist idea, because it views only whites as being fully sentient actors capable of committing right and wrong, when of course racism, like all human feelings and failings, is universal.” ~ Ed West [Journalist]

Pathologizing Whiteness:

Pathologizing someone is when you make them ‘bad’ in the minds of others. It is when you make them the ‘problem’ that needs fixing. And it is when you fashion for them, a forced identity, which defines them in terms of what they do ‘wrong’. There are different degrees of this sort of thing, but no race has ever been as truly or purely pathologized as Whiteness and White people. ‘Badness’ needs a moral component, not merely a physical or sociological one.  It is based on assigning responsibility. Thus, through the ideals of melanosupremacy, Whiteness is pathologized in ways history never dreamed anyone could be pathologized. The pathologizing of Whiteness is everywhere. Here are a few quotations as examples:

“What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.”

~ Rev. James Cone

“I figured it was going to be a white guy between 25 and 55 because they’re the root of most evil.”

~ Ann Rhodes [University Relations Vice President, University of Iowa]

“There is plenty to blame whiteness for. There is no crime that whiteness has not committed against people of color. . .We must blame whiteness for the continuing patterns today that deny the rights of those outside of whiteness and which damage and pervert the humanity of those of us within it.”

 ~ Jeff Hitchcock [Academic]

Invalidation of Whiteness: Loss of Ownership over one’s own identity:

Racial invalidation is the process by which you lose ownership over your own identity. The invalidation of Whiteness takes many different forms, all equally as evil. It is when your opinion is dismissed as unimportant and invalid because “you wouldn’t know about this, your White.” It is when NonWhite people assume they can tell you what it means to be White, “because, everybody knows about White people, but White people don’t know about anybody, even themselves.” It is when, no matter what you want to say, your words must be approved by a “person of color” before they can truly be taken seriously, because you “can’t ever get out of your privilege.” Basically, it is whenever someone tells you that they know and understand Whiteness and what it means to be White better than you do as a White person, and that because they know better, they get to define the White experience for you. That assertion, that you don’t get to define your own experience and identity, is them claiming ownership over your identity. That’s invalidation plain and simple:

“I want to go up to the closest white person and say: ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing’ and then slap him, just for my mental health.” ~ Charles Barron [New York City Councilman]

“White students need help to understand what it means to be white in a multicultural community. For the white heterosexual male who feels disconnected and marginalized by multiculturalism, we’ve got to do a lot of work here.” ~ Greg Ricks [“multicultural educator”]

Making Whiteness Defenseless:

One way to kill someone is to make them so emotionally demoralized with regard to their own worth that they won’t fight back to defend themselves when you attack them. That is what is being done to White people every single day. Whiteness is being demonized, and White people are internalizing this anti-White understanding of ourselves, and it is crippling the ability of the White community to fight back to defend Whiteness. We are being told that defending ourselves is something we don’t have a right to do. That we are evil for even thinking to do so. That we should just lay down and die—racially and personally. Over and over again society sends these two messages in quick succession: “Whiteness isn’t worth defending. If you are White, you don’t have the right to defend Whiteness, your White identity, or yourself.” This must stop.

How Does the Concept of “White Privilege” fit into the Wider Melanosupremacist Narrative?

The accusation of “White privilege” is all a part of this larger framework of responsibility allocation. It argues at best that the alleged “privileged” status of Whiteness makes Whiteness immune from injustice in society and thus invalidates White victims, and at worst that this “privileged” status makes Whiteness responsible for all the evil in the world. It also serves as a classic scapegoating tool, whereby responsibility is shifted from those who merit it, onto a group which is designated “privileged” to receive it, thus allowing those who deserve the blame to shift it onto those they claim are “privileged.”

The accusation is thus used either as a means of pathologizing Whiteness (which is the result whether or not intended) or as a means of making Whiteness defenseless and dismissing the White perspective. It is used to disarm White people, by arguing that their perspectives are worthless. It is a convenient tool used by those who hate and fear Whiteness to dismiss and silence the White voice. Part of the whole premise of the “White privilege” theory is that White people and Whiteness are incapable of being victimized and it therefore acts as a mechanism to exclude Whiteness and White persons from any narrative of oppression or victimization from which melanosupremacists seek to gain power, thus it becomes a tool of White disempowerment and White shaming.  Additionally, when used by someone who is not White, it is racial invalidation, since it is an attempt by that person to gain ownership over a White experience they have not had and can therefore have no authority to define.

What is White Shaming?

When you take all the things used to attack the basic dignity of White people together, you end up with a cultural environment hostile to Whiteness—a culture that shames Whiteness and the people who bear it.  Melanosupremacy, and all the racial injustices which flow from it, is White shaming.  How is this done? The melanosupremacist forces in society have many ways of engaging in White shaming, but these are some of the most prevalent:

  • Shaming through false history: those who are “racist” against White people and Whiteness often distort history and use false historical narratives constructed to fit melanosupremacist assumptions that argue for White inferiority, and thus shame Whiteness.
  • False Narratives about Society: it doesn’t stop with history. The same sorts of false narratives are erected about society today, with the intent of vilifying and demonizing White people, now as well as in the past (many of these narratives depend for support at least in part on false historical narratives constructed to teach White inferiority).
  • False accusations today: it is not infrequent for false “hate crime” reports to come in, with the deliberate intent of shaming White people. Sometimes these “hate crime hoaxes” are direct, and deliberate, and sometimes they are more subtle and based on underlying anti-White biases. In either case, the results are always White shaming, and often direct persecution of the innocent White individuals who may have been blamed by the hoaxers.
  • Racial invalidation: the anti-White society uses racial invalidation to shame White people too. They use it to silence us. To keep us from speaking up in our own defense or speaking our minds. When, in public discourse, some NonWhite commenter or other melanosupremacist talks down and invalidates the White voice, that is White shaming.
  • Hypocrisy: this is a too often overlooked form that White shaming often takes, but it is just as insidious. It happens when melanosupremacists who claim to fight for equality, actually apply an obvious racial double standard where nonwhites are allowed to have racial dignity, pride, and association rights, but White people are denied these. The message this sends is plain and simple: “White people, you don’t deserve these things, because Whiteness and being White is shameful.”
  • Shaming of self-defense: one particularly vicious and aggressive form of White shaming is the open denial that White people have the right to defend ourselves, verbally, legally, ideologically, or physically, from verbal, legal, ideological, and physical attacks and violence. In fact, melanosupremacists often argue that if a White person just questions whether or not Whiteness is shameful , much less argues that it is not, that is something which must be condemned. This is nothing  less than denying us the right to defend ourselves and our race,  and is a method of White shaming.

So that’s the overview. It’s just an overview, there’s lots more to delve into here, and understand better. This website is dedicated to fighting the injustices that White people face today, and to halting and destroying the power of Melanosupremacy in society. Let’s stop White shaming.


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