A Tale of Two Secretes: The Alt-Right and the Alt-Light

The Alt-Right and the Alt-Light it turns out, differ on another thing besides those commonly mentioned: honesty.


Free Speech and Violence: A Response

Free speech is pivotal to the fight for White people’s rights, and more generally for a free and honest society. We must be able to discuss facts from all possible angles. We must be free to have opinions about those facts no matter who agrees or disagrees with us. This is critical, and everyone should …

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What is a Better Person?

There is a war about values going on right now, and we must remember that it matters whether or not we support goodness as a movement.


Why Hate Crime Hoaxes are Dangerous (According to your Friendly Neighborhood Liberal)

This is the era of the hate-crime hoax. Just this week we found out that a Jew was behind the much decried “anti-Semitic” bomb threats to Jewish centers in the last few months. So it was interesting that it came out this week that the horrifying story of a White Texas girl, that she had …

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The Old-Right v. The Alt-Right

Want a quick way to describe the major differences between the alt-right and the establishment right? Try this: We care more about race than about sexual orientation; more about father’s rights than about abortion; more about free speech, Western culture, and Natural morality, than about promoting a “Christian Nation”. We are about standing up to …

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For the Win

I’ve been saying ever since Donald Trump attacked the Mexican menace in the opening speech of his campaign and refused to grovel when called a racist, that whatever happened last night, this election season would be a win for White people. But it just kept getting better. First Trump’s refusal to apologize when called names. …

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Donald Trump: The Man Who Greets with Fire

In the gathering twilight of an African dusk, he walked with calm and confident leisure across the darkening plains.  The black tips on his mane framed his slightly lowered head, as his introspective gaze told a story of a night’s work done a thousand times before. He moved with ease, grace, and power through a …

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Hilary is Sick and Tired of Seeing Blaming and Shaming—So am I

NOTE: I wrote this last fall, but did not get a chance to put it up then. Although I don’t think the ad I discuss here is still running, I think that the issue is still worth posting about. So here, a little late I admit, is my response to a particularly ironic Hillary campaign …

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White Lives Matter v All Lives Matter: Why It’s Time to Change the Way We Talk Back to the BLM

We need to start responding to the Black Lives Matter movement by pointing out the real source of contention here: the question “do White lives matter”? –And calling out the troubling fact that we have to defend the statement that “White lives matter” at all for what it is, and how we can fix it.


What’s Wrong with Making America White Again?

Complaints that Trump wants to "make America White again" are illuminating for what they have to say about a melanosupremacist society. What exactly is wrong with wanting America to be White again?