About the Author

The author of this blog is White, which is immensely important to her, and this blog is part of chronicling the experience of being White for her, and she hopes, for all those who come here. She is also a young Southern Woman and a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, with formal training in History and Law (currently in Law school), and years of informal study of Nature and the societies of wild creatures. She has a powerful interest in living Naturally and following the will of Natural law and design.

She could identify politically as a White Nationalist or even a paleoconservative, but at heart she is really just a White rights advocate, seeking to do her part to fight for racial justice for the White community worldwide: White identity, love for White people, commitment to White needs and interests, and solidarity with other White people is the focal point of her experience. She loves studying and promoting the White experience and hopes that every White person will one day be able to live, celebrate, and express that experience without fear of violence, hatred, and degradation.  This website is just one small part of doing that.

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