Fearing the Narrative: Why the Alt-Right Alone is Free From the Power of the Left


Following Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida, I have been engaging with some alt-light supporters. One of the women I engaged with opposed Richard Spencer because, as she saw it, he supported the narrative of the left by being everything they routinely accuse right-wing people of being (i.e. nazi, racist, homophobic—you know, the whole kit and caboodle). I pointed out that in fact, Richard was not a nazi or supremacist (I didn’t bother with the “racist” slur, we all know it has no set meaning anyway).

This of course, is Milo’s argument, and I presume the rest of the alt-light leaders too: as far as they want their followers to believe, Richard was put on earth to make them look bad, and to reinforce the left’s narrative by confirming it. Sometimes, I wish their followers would think for themselves because there is something very important here that is being missed: what if they simply stopped caring about the narrative at all?

As I watched all these poor people rushing to condemn Richard Spencer because they were afraid he might confirm the leftist narrative, it struck me just how much power the left still has over these people.  They live in a state of fear that they will somehow confirm a leftist narrative. For some reason, it never strikes them that maybe the left shouldn’t be the ones defining the narratives, and that maybe, if they stopped bowing in obeisance to the leftist narratives, those narratives would lose their power to define them.

So long as leftist narratives strike fear into the hearts of would-be “conservatives” the left has power over the right. The left will always have power over anyone who allows leftist narratives to control how they see the world, dictate how they believe, and set the bounds of their ideological and ethical positions. When you conform to a certain set of principles, because if you don’t you will “merit” the names the left calls you, then you have handed power over your life to the left.

Who says that the names the left calls you should be considered bad? Who decides that being “racist” is a bad thing? The left, by deciding what is good and bad, is trying to define what you can and cannot be or believe. And when you, in fear of their disapproval , conform yourself to their judgments on good and evil, you allow them to control not only you, but the range of acceptable ideas in general. You give them power over society.

People like Richard Spencer, and all White Nationalists generally, are the left’s worst nightmare. Unlike the cowering alt-light and establishment, we do not care if the left considers us “proof” that their names are warranted, because we don’t give a flip about their names. The left does not control how we see the world or the positions we take. If we reject something, we do so because we have investigated it, and found that it does not conform to our principles, not because we fear it will not conform to the left’s principles, and thus “merit” their disapproval.

We neither need nor want the approval of the left. Nor do we expect it. We exist outside the power of their narratives. The bankrupt moral values of the left have no currency with us, and we do not care if we violate them. For this, we actually expect that the left will view us as confirmation, but that doesn’t bother us in the least. Yes, we actually are the arch-enemies of the left, whom their narratives condemn. Their narratives condemn people for not being leftists, and we are not leftists, so why should we act or believe like leftists? We have our own moral principles, and we don’t ascribe to those of the left. Their narratives can have no power over us.

Not so with those who allow the left’s narratives, which are based in leftist principles, to control their own moral assessments. It should be no surprise, that when you allow the left to decide when your positions are good and when they are bad, the left will always tell you they are bad, unless you take positions that agree with the left. In other words, when someone tells me they are afraid of “confirming” a leftist narrative, what they are really telling me is that they are afraid of “confirming” that they aren’t a leftist.

That is why, as much as they may call White Nationalists “leftists”, the alt-light, just like the establishment “conservatives” and “color-blind” evangelicals, will always really be leftists no matter what they claim. They will always support leftist principles because they are in fear of “confirming” leftist narratives by doing anything else.

The left has got the society set up now, so that their dominant narratives not only have social power, but also are designed to apply only to people who dare to oppose leftist principles. You live in a society where you are told being a “racist” is bad, but a “racist” is defined as any White person who is unashamed of his Whiteness and/or has a racial identity and believes race is real. Thus, the leftist principle of hatred for White people and for the reality of racial difference is locked into this narrative: in order to truly oppose this leftist principle, you must also “confirm” this narrative.

Surprise! When you let your enemy make the rules, you lose. When you play the game invented by the left, you will always lose. To all the “color-blind” anti-identity “conservatives”: please, don’t be so dumb. Just don’t play the left’s game. Join us. We’ll play our own game, and win.

NOTE: as an aside, I’ll note that I am talking about one’s personal positions, as well as one’s opinions of the personal positions of others. I am not talking here about strategic behavior that takes into account the unfortunate reality that many people on the so-called “right” are still beholden to these leftist narratives, and thus tries to avoid unnecessary “bad optics”. That is a strategy question, not a narrative one.



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