The Most Dangerous Idea of the 21st Century: Unashamed White Identity

RS pic 1So, last Thursday, the increasingly famous Richard Spencer made his planned stop in Gainesville, Florida. There are a number of thoughts that are worth putting down on this event, but one of the most important things that we have learned so far, is that an unashamed White man is the most dangerous person that contemporary society imagines to exist. Richard Spencer’s difficulties prove this more eloquently than anything else could.

While it’s true that he was largely shouted down by protestors at his speech (he handled the thoroughly hostile audience with grace and dignity) this really doesn’t prove a whole lot. As we all know by now, protesters like this shout down (and worse) any speaker right of Joseph Stalin. They did it to Charles Murray, Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, and even Ben Shapiro. So, no, that is not what proves so eloquently Richard’s uniquely dangerous status to contemporary thought leaders (of both the left and right).

What proves it is the magnitude and intensity of the responses from typically more low-key opposition. Take for instance, the state of emergency. While Milo Yiannopoulos is insistent that he is the most dangerous right-wing speaker to the establishment, this one planned speech of Richard’s proves what Richard has been saying all along: it is actually Richard Spencer, not Milo Yiannopoulos, with his tired old establishment, race-blind, ideas wrapped in a pretty gay sweater, whom the establishment considers most dangerous.

No state of emergency was ever declared over a Milo Yiannopoulos speech. I imagine Milo is secretly jealous over the whole thing.

Why did a planned speech by a man known only for his simple lack of shame in his racial identity, and desire to advocate for it, who has never been violent or called for violence (and in fact has condemned it), require a state of emergency? Precisely because his ideas are viewed by the establishment of both the right and left as so dangerous to the sick society they are trying to uphold, and so enraging to some of those trying to uphold it (i.e. ANTIFA, etc.) that not only may it result in violence against Richard or his supporters, but it may shake the very foundations of the anti-White, globalist society they support.

The radically out-of-proportion response in Florida is proof beyond a doubt of Richard’s “dangerous” status. So too, is the way Richard has been turned the cold-shoulder by the majority of the most prominent “free speech” advocates of the alt-light:

“I strongly believe and have good evidence for believing that Richard Spencer’s inability to speak is the fact that he has been blacklisted from almost every voice across the alternative media. He’s not being brought into the fold properly.

Yes, CNN will do a hit-piece, but will Joe Rogan do an interview? No. Will Stefan Molyneux do an interview? No. Will Dave Rubin do an interview? No. Will Sam Harris do an interview? No. Will Jordan B. Peterson do an interview? — maybe.

These men claim to uphold the principle of radical free speech, but when it comes to Richard Spencer no platform can be asked for and none will be given. Only Styxhexenhammer666 has had the courageous action of his principled convictions to give Richard Spencer a full interview and talk to him like an adult.”


(I was actually surprised and disappointed to learn that Stefan Molyneux had not had Richard on. I watch Stefan more than the others listed, and I know he has had Jared Taylor on.)

Why do they hate him so? It’s not merely because they disagree with him. After all, they disagree with many of the people they interview in some ways. It is because (1) they disagree with his ideals more intensely, and (2) they know he wields the power to be an earth-shaker. They know his ideals are powerful enough to win. They know he is changing hearts and minds. This recent Milo Yiannopoulos video of Milo discussing Richard with Gavin McInnes (whom it should be noted, actually has interviewed Richard in the past) is as enlightening as it is hilarious from a pro-White identity perspective:

They have noted that we are winning and they are not happy about it. But notice that Milo is very clear that the fact that Richard’s approach is “sexy” is “why I object to him so much.” In other words, he’s a dangerous competitor, and I’m afraid that he can beat me in the marketplace of ideas. And it is by no means an idle worry for him. We are growing. Although the numbers in actual attendance at the Gainesville speech were smaller than Richard’s other speeches, thousands watched the livestreams. I did. One report was that 9,000 watched his periscope livestream alone. Others watched elsewhere. Richard is reaching people and he is also winning hearts and minds. The best part of the event was when a young Indian and self-described BLM supporter approached the stage to ask for dialogue. He didn’t stop there however. Starting at 6:46 in the video below:

“I came to this event not knowing exactly what your platform was or what everything was about and from the media I had every reason –and from my friends—to hate Richard Spencer. But I came in here with an open mind wanting to learn something. However, what I’ve learned at this event today, was that the protesters were extremely rude, and didn’t allow him to speak. I just wanted to have a conversation and understand where Richard Spencer was coming from. . .I used to be a Black Lives Matter fan, not anymore! Not anymore! All I want to ask you now Richard Spencer is if I could have the chance to have a dialogue with you, and be able to talk about my ideals and talk about your ideals, and if we don’t agree we don’t agree, but this approach we’re coming from [of the rude protesters?] I don’t agree with it.” Richard promised to talk to him somehow.

This one exchange illustrates two things: (1) the power of leftist intolerance of speech they disagree with to turn even their own supporters away, and (2) the power of Richard and those with him and the ideals they were able to express, and the demeanor with which they expressed them, to move people so far from their original frame of reference, that they would be willing to take up for them against their own side. While it’s true that the behavior of the protestors had a lot to do with this exchange, it is also undeniable by the way the Indian student hints at a change of attitude toward Richard and an increased hesitancy to predict that he will necessary disagree, that something else happened too. If this is the response of a non-White BLM supporter, what of the average White person?

Yes, we are winning. Years ago, Ian Stuart Donaldson was confident that “one day, we shall grasp victory.” Could that day perhaps, be just around the corner? Just two years ago I would never have said it, but today I do believe that I will see our victory day in my lifetime.


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