A Tale of Two Secretes: The Alt-Right and the Alt-Light


This past week the the alt-right and alt-light/new right respectively were treated to two very interesting developments.

On Thursday, someone (doubtless a disgruntled former employee—my money is on Alum Bokhari) leaked a veritable treasure trove of Milo Yianopoulos’ personal e-mails to the salivating left-wing press. The result was a long “expose” published by Buzzfeed news, the main argument of which was that Milo and Breitbart at large, were really just closeted White Nationalists. In other words, no matter what they might say, Buzzfeed is certain they are just like us.

Reading the article was indeed an interesting eye-opening account of how Breitbart does business. However, someone with my experience in the White Nationalist movement really wasn’t surprised by any of this. I remember when the types of arguments about anti-White crime and anti-White rhetoric on college campuses that made the left hate Breitbart so much, were the sole domain of openly pro-White and White Nationalist venues and websites. Like I am sure others did, I began to take note when Breitbart and similar outlets first started making our arguments on these matters a year and a half or so ago. Although I didn’t have a clue as to the exact details, I knew they must be reading us or something.

What these e-mails do reveal is how closely Breitbart and Milo himself at one time worked with open White Nationalists. Of course, this is only an “expose” to the people on the left and on the establishment right who think White Nationalism is a bad thing. Those people are looking more and more like a dying breed, fortunately. To all the sane and normal people out there, this is just like news that Milo and Breitbart like Broccoli. Totally no big deal.

It is a very real expose in one way though. While I think there truly are some very deep ideological differences between the alt-right and the alt-light, these e-mails have shown just how much sympathy many of them have, or had, for White Nationalism. But, despite their secret sympathy, they have (and continue to make—just see Milo’s ridiculous response to the e-mail leak) a great fuss about claiming that they want nothing to do with us, are nothing like us, that we are terrible, etc. etc. As a matter of public position then, they have absolutely no sympathy with or for us. They have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from us and our main leaders (Richard Spencer in particular has been given the coldest of cold shoulders lately by virtually the entire alt-light).  This set of e-mails shows that blustering anti-White public persona to be, at least to some extent, a lie.

One thing is for certain: that Milo and Breitbart have not been the same people in private as they have been in public. What this revelation means for their future remains to be seen. I would like however, to contrast this with the other interesting development this past week.

A day before news of the Milo e-mail leak hit, there was news of another “leak”. This time in the form of the infiltration of a top-secrete, private White Nationalist conference in Seattle, Washington involving some of the biggest names in contemporary White Nationalism, such as Jared Taylor of American Renaissance (the main White Nationalist group with whom Breitbart apparently cozied up). This conference is supposed to be top-secrete, with only vetted and proven White Nationalists allowed to attend. A left-wing reporter managed to worm his way into the conference by pretending to be a White Nationalist. He listened to the whole thing, recorded it all with a hidden recorder, and then wrote up an equally long piece about the type of people open White Nationalists are in private.

Surprise! He had basically nothing interesting to say. He found nothing of what he was hoping for. He found no lies, no hatred (in fact, the word ‘hate’ does not even appear in the article—I know, shocking right?), and no hypocrisy. In his own words:

Unfortunately, the super-secret, closed-door Nazi plan didn’t turn out to be nearly as titillating as you’d want. Speakers encouraged followers to take the Gandhi approach and continue getting punched in the face a la Richard Spencer. The media will have no choice but to turn to its side, their reasoning went. Taylor, Dr. Johnson, and the other speakers are all pretty married to this strategy. They also disapprove of their followers using ethnic slurs in public because it gives the media soundbites to latch onto. . .

Without checking my recording, I wouldn’t even have been able to remember who the other speakers at the forum were or what they said. It was actually kind of a letdown, and by the time the convention ended, the voyeuristic novelty of sneaking into a Nazi meeting had worn off. I was just bored. . .

Unfortunately, the table I sat at was not the norm. What I could overhear from the other conversations consisted of coding, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, how Rashomon relates to cultural relativism, etc. The sorts of things regular white people talk about at similar gatherings.

The worst he could say about us was that the meeting was mostly male, and that he got stuck at the dinner table with an old conspiracy theorist (he had to admit however, that this guy was not reflective of the White Nationalists attending). I am actually surprised he bothered writing the article up at all.

As White Nationalist Hunter Wallace observed on Twitter: “It is pointless to infiltrate our White group because we are the same people in public as in private.”

This is true. I have found over the years, that by and large, White Nationalists and White advocates in general are honest, reliable, good people of sound character and integrity. We are indeed, the same people in private as in public.

This week, we learned that while that is true of the Alt-right, it is not true of the alt-light. A clip from an upcoming vice documentary just released seems to indicate that Mike Cernavich of alt-light fame is also a fraud, making comments he himself doesn’t believe. Time will tell how this will all work out for Breitbart, et al. There are other things hinted at in the e-mail collection that might be problematic (for instance, many people have taken issue with Milo’s treatment of his employees, and there is the fact that this breach exposes the identities of all the people who ever wrote Milo).

One thing is for certain: If you want to join a movement of people who are honest and open, who can be trusted to hold the same positions in private as in public, than you want to join the alt-right, NOT the alt-light. We are the movement with substance, logic, loyalty—and integrity.


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