The Emotional Treason of Interracial Marriage

Milo upload picSo Milo is back, and from the sounds of his most recent interviews I’m not sure that is a good thing. I have written quite a bit about Milo here before. Needless to say, as someone who had been a White Nationalist for almost a decade when Milo arrived on the scene I found him initially, and to some extent still find him, a difficult, often infuriating, but somewhat compelling figure who could be exhilarating, and who, at least at one time, promised to be something of a bridge bringing people to us. His usefulness may be over however. We will see.

But, to the point of this post: While listening to Milo’s recent interview on Dr. Drew he discussed more candidly than before his personal life, and particularly his romantic relationship. This discussion I think is a perfect example of precisely why Milo will never be on our side, and is a perfect example of an aspect of interracial relationships that I think we discuss much less frequently than we should:

“You know what, one of the things I guess that makes me upset is, you know, as I mentioned earlier I have love in my life. He’s Black. And you know, when people on the internet are calling me, you know, a “White supremacist” and a “Nazi” and all the rest of it, I look over at the love of my life and I just think my. . .you know, it, every once in a while it gets to you, and you just think “if only they knew”.

And because I’m not the kind of person that wants to cynically abuse their private relationship for professional reasons, it’s not like I can, you know I’m not just going to post a picture of [the] couple of us and, you know, and expose him to danger and to whatever. So sometimes I just have to suck that stuff up, and I can’t respond for his sake.”

(the above comments occur starting at 28:58  on the full Dr. Drew interview on YouTube, embedded immediately below).

When discussing why interracial marriage is immoral and should be condemned the arguments I hear most often, center around the fact that actual reproduction across racial barriers creates interracial hybrids and introduces foreign genes into a race’s gene pool. These are important negative consequences to be sure, but there is something else too: even if no reproduction takes place, the fact that you have formed a romantic relationship with someone of a different race necessarily interferes with your loyalty to your own race. Your emotions are drawn to the race your partner—the “love of your life” as Milo says—comes from. You can never give to your own kind the unreserved loyalty you owe them, because your romantic and emotional entanglements create a conflict of interest for you.

People with such emotional entanglements are committing emotional treason.

They can never truly commit to aiding their own race’s interests because they must always be worried about in some way damaging the relationship they have to their partner.

They can never truly support race as the foundation for identity, because to do so would undermine the foundation of their most cherished emotional tie.

And they will always be the first to condemn those they think are making race too important because deep down inside they recognize that if race is really important their relationship is both a lie and a sin.

Milo exemplifies all of these things perfectly. Although at times, he has spoken up for White people, he will never—even on his best day—make a White Nationalist, nor a White identarian of any type. Why?

It is not because he is a libertarian. It is not because he supports some more traditionally neo-conservative positions on things like abortion. It is not even because he is gay.

It is because he has a Black boyfriend (or possibly husband—he wears a wedding ring sometimes).

He makes it quite plain in this interview that it is his tie to his Black romantic partner alone that makes him so averse to strong pro-White arguments. It is his miscegenistic perversion (not his homosexual perversion) that causes him to recoil with such special horror at being labeled a “White supremacist” by journalists. It is that same relationship—and a desire to make certain that he will not be associated with “White supremacists”—that causes him to eagerly cast that slur upon others (such as Richard Spencer[1]) who—but for his allergic reaction to strong White identities—would actually be great allies for him. It is because of “the love of his life” that he feels the need to convince everyone that the Alt-right hates him by devoting an entire chapter in his book to that argument. And if the Alt-right does indeed hate him, it will be for this reason: that he could never truly be pro-White, because his first emotional allegiance is to a Black partner.

The “love of your life” will reflect and shape your racial allegiance, your emotional ties, and the ideological positions you are compelled to take. Your choice of romantic partner will be reflective of your choice of wider love of community. If you love your race and their interests, your romantic interests will reflect that love. If they do not, it is safe to say that you don’t really love your race. If the love of your life is Black, you can never be a White man’s best friend.

Not because you must necessarily hate your race, but because someone of a different race always comes first to you. Your race cannot depend on you.

Milo is not special. This is the consequence of all interracial unions. Those who practice this uniquely heinous perversion are more than sexual deviants (although they are that), they are more than race mixers (although they are that too), they are traitors, both physically and emotionally. Their racial allegiance is elsewhere, and we must never forget that.

No matter how good they may sometimes sound, when the rubber hits the road they will not choose us.

[1] This occurs starting at 25:08 in the same interview. It is worth noting here that even as Milo expresses his upsetment at being falsely labeled a “White supremacist” by others, he himself turns around and falsely labels Richard Spencer a “White Supremacist”. Richard Spencer, unlike Milo, is a true pro-White voice. Richard Spencer, like Milo, has repeatedly explained that he is not a White supremacist. Milo should understand this. Instead, he shows that he is perfectly happy to behave in just the same manner as the dishonest journalists he claims to deplore when he is talking about somebody he dislikes. He does the same thing to Richard Spencer that he so dislikes journalists doing to him. Although I very much applaud his many good traits, such as his courage and quick wit under fire, I can’t pass over this without taking notice of it.


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