White People Who Think Blacks are Racist are. . .You Guessed it, “Racist” (I can’t make this stuff up)


Now, it might come as a great surprise to all of us White people, but a liberal employee at Trump donor Robert Mercer’s company is suing to tell us all about how calling a whole group of people racist is in fact “racist.”

Now, before you read further stop for a moment: when was the last time you heard a whole group called “racist”? Who was it? White people probably. Even if that wasn’t the most recent incident in your experience, you have doubtless heard it many more times than you have heard any other group called “racist.”

Of course pro-White people know all about that vicious smear campaign and the very real damage it can do. But as we all know all too well, nobody on the left thinks its racist to call people “racist”. . .oops: It looks like it is if the group your calling “racist” are Blacks.

Surprise! Liberal hypocrisy again. But they say it’s not about hating White people!?! Right. . .

They have whole theories which circulate in the highest echelons of government, society, and academia that pathologize the entire White race, past and present (and sometimes future), as “racist.”

Practically every anti-White, left-wing argument starts with an assertion that White people are “racist” and is based on an assumption that Whites are “racist.” That’s primarily what makes it anti-White, after all. In fact, White people are so “racist”, that it infects everything they do, and build, and create, such that—even without trying to—they create “structural racism” in society.

Careful now, don’t want to catch the “racist” germ. I hear it can spread not just to people, but to inanimate objects like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too. Bad stuff, that!

No. It is quite clear that they just want to hate on White people. That is why everything is “racist” if a White person does it, but magically is not if a non-White does it. Even things that non-White people have been encouraged to do against White people are not available to White people in return: we all know that White people who dare to have a sense of racial identity are “racist”, even when they are just doing what non-Whites have been told to do for decades: call other groups “racist.” What happened to the equality people.

I can hardly blame them for not keeping their own dogma—seeing as equality is a myth and can’t really exist—but they might at least try to act like they are avoiding hypocrisy.

And as to that accusation? Although “racist” is a completely made up word, created with the intent of using it to slur White people, by their own definitions of it, Blacks apparently beat Whites: more Blacks even think that most Blacks are “racist” than think than most Whites are.

Looks like Mercer was right after all.

As an ending aside: Mercer is definitely also right about the civil rights act of 1964 being the point of major departure for disaster in this country. But that’s a discussion for another time.


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