My Nation: The Ones Who Look Like Me

I ran across this video on twitter the other day, and it struck a major cord with me, so allow me to elaborate briefly.

Before I begin, I need to say that I don’t subscribe to the old physical anthropologist’s sub-racial categories like Nordic. All White people look like me to the extent that makes them mine. So I don’t agree with him there.

That said, this video speaks to a very similar concept of race to the one I have. As I have said here before I am a morphology racialist. To me, race is in your physical bodily construction. In your visual appearance, anatomy, and general morphology. If you look like me in the mirror, you’re my own kind. Granted, when it comes to children the genotype certainly does matter, but for all other purposes phenotype is perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately, the concept of race is something which not all racialists agree on. There are two central divisions: those whose conceptions are based in some way on morphology like me and the man in this video, and those whose conceptions are based on ancestry and shared descent.  These people are more concerned that they can see themselves reflected in your genealogy than if they see themselves reflected in your image in the mirror (although I don’t mean to say that proponents of the ancestry conception of race don’t care about racial appearance, because they still do).

The important thing though is how which conception you have effects who you consider your primary racial kind. Who belongs to your tribe? I, like the man in this video, think that culture, ancestry, much less nationality, are artificial constructs, that say nothing ultimately about my connection to you on a biological level—a racial level. Like him, I don’t care where you came from, what your citizenship is, what culture you have, or what language you speak: if you look like me in the mirror your mine.

I think that ancestry conceptions of race are more likely to fall prey to a sort of ethno-nationalist politics, even civic nationalist politics, that treats culture like race. This is unfortunate because, although I don’t think we will ever be able to have a pan-White state, I think we should live as if we lived in one.

Those who look like me are my nation. That is, after all, what “White Nationalism” is all about. Yes, I know it is usually thought of as having a White state, but I think it should also be remembered that it is nationalism based on race, where the race—the whole race—is treated as the nation. I am a White Nationalist because my nation is not a plot of land or a government or a culture or a language. My Nation is the whole White race.

Ethnic politics divides (although it will always be with us to some extent). We must have an overarching view of the nation as a racial construct, not an ethnic construct. We may live in a political nation that does not include all members of our race, but we should not look upon any member of our race as outsiders to our nation.


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