Milo and the Privilege Grant


So the news is in. Milo has announced the winners of his privilege grant. I have had lots of criticism for Milo here but he is certainly not all bad. This is one of his shining moments.

Politically, it shines because it is an instance of acknowledging the fact that White people are being held back in society by anti-White leftist attacks on White identity. It impliedly acknowledges that White guilt, shame, and fear of racial solidarity is causing real harm to real White people. Which we as White Nationalists all knew already, but which desperately needs to be repeated over and over to the general White population. Milo lending his powerful voice to this aim is noteworthy, and praiseworthy.

Being White is great, and being proud to be White is not hate.

Personally, it shines, I think, as a good example of some of Milo’s finer traits. I believe he does have a good heart, despite all his faults and delusions of equality. He really does want to help make this society a better place, and he really does want to help make it a better place for White people.

It is in this, I think, that we as White Nationalists, and Milo as the egalitarian pervert, have found our deepest common ground: doing something to help improve the White situation today.

For that he deserves praise and recognition.

Also, he took a lot of heat for this, but he stood strong on it, and delivered as promised. That says something good about him too.

And to the winners? Congratulations. You deserve every penny. May you go forth to add your own contributions to making the world a better place for White males than you found it, so that one day, “privilege grants” will no longer be something we need to talk about.


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