Throwing Punches at Boys. Funny. Throwing Rocks at Girls. “Never funny. Ever.”


Chelsea Clinton was firing away on Twitter this week. She wasn’t the only one. But of course the former first daughter who is rumored to be planning a life in politics (hopefully with similar results to her mother’s latest failure) got a queen sized piece of the press. She tweeted: “Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever.”

What was all this leftist hysteria about? A Billboard about jewelry.

A family-owned jewelry store in Ashville, North Carolina was the latest target of feminist ire. They had the audacity to put up a billboard with the phrase “sometimes it ok to throw rocks at girls,” in promotion of their merchandise. Now they are being protested and have been (unfortunately) induced to apologize.

In typical fashion the left wasted no time in ironically accusing them of encouraging harm to women, and even managed to find an angle from which they could attack White people (as they always do).

Never mind that the sign is obviously a play on words meant to convey a sales pitch and not an opinion about any actual stone throwing. The left proves again it doesn’t have a sense of humor.

More importantly though, this whole ridiculous situation brings up some important points about gender issues in society today.

Feminist Hypocrisy:

Feminist hypocrisy is on display yet again. We all know how many protests feminists staged over those shirts for girls proclaiming “boys are stupid—throw rocks at them!” back in 2003. Yeah, I know that’s a long time ago for feminists with conveniently short memories, but if you look it up you’ll see just how not seriously they took it.

More importantly, it highlights the stale old hypocrisies of feminism. Like the fact that we live in a country where men are three times more likely to be murdered than women, and make up 78% of murder victims each year, and yet we are constantly told that “violence against women” is the real problem.

Like the fact that men may even be more likely than women to be struck and physically abused by an intimate partner, but we are told that domestic violence is a “women’s issue”, and abused men are told its all their fault.

Like the fact that fewer women are in STEM fields is somehow men’s fault, but the fact that men on average live 10 fewer years than women is not women’s fault (even though some of it might be?).

Like the fact, for goodness sake, that we live in a country where a former first daughter, and the daughter of one of the most recent presidential candidates, is bent out of shape because “Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever.” But feminists apparently don’t care much about the fact that actually hitting guys is considered funny by many people.

The Ring Tradition Is All About Women:

The ring tradition celebrates exploitation of men by women. Yes I know the man gets a ring too, but it is usually not of the cost that a woman’s ring is. The idea that a man must buy a woman an expensive ring is just one part of a larger worldview that teaches women to extort material things from men in exchange for (saying that they) love them. It reinforces ideas that  that men should give to women, and should do all the work in the relationship. That the man should please the woman. That relationships are about making women happy, and that men’s happiness doesn’t matter. It further encourages women already entitled by feminism to be self-centered people who see men—even their husbands and lovers—as a sources of nice things instead of a companion who needs their support too.

And, it should be pointed out, its men spending the most money! So how on earth does this harm women? If anything, it’s the opposite.

Men are Dominant. . .Over Women:

Finally and most importantly: we should be far more outraged by a woman hitting a man, than the reverse. Why? Because in a moral, Natural society men are dominant over women, and therefore women should treat them with respect. In non-verbal communication systems and social dominance vocabulary, a social subordinate striking a social dominant is one of the most disrespectful things that can be done. I wouldn’t strike a White man in anything else but fun unless he was seriously trying to kill me or something else extremely serious. I would feel like a horrible person if I did. All women should.

Even if women were the weak helpless creatures Victorian feminism claimed them to be (their not, but that’s a whole nother discussion), this is no reason for a cultural prohibition against men hitting women. If that were the case, arguably women would be defective and in Nature the weak don’t get especially gentle treatment, if anything they get rougher treatment.

Moreover, this cultural prohibition sometimes leads men who are being physical abused to refrain from defending themselves. Something that needs to stop.

As an aside, I find it odd that after repudiating much of Victorian feminism and claiming it was “patriarchy”, feminists are all too happy to argue that men hitting women is worse than women hitting men. More feminist hypocrisy.


Nobody thinks hitting girls is funny. That is precisely the reason this so-called “backlash” is happening. Although maybe they should. At least it should not be taboo, and we should teach our sons that it is perfectly fine to hit back if they are being physically assaulted by a woman.

But then, what can you expect from the daughter of a women who thinks the biggest victims in a war are women.



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