Feminists Have Made Being Alone With a Woman Dangerous for Men

mouth-603273_1920Vice President Pence apparently told a reporter back in 2002 that he won’t eat alone with any woman except his wife. Apparently, this is horrible, according to feminists. The Washington Post’s Paul Waldman thinks it is part of a “deeply troubling worldview” that contributes to holding women back in their careers:

But I wonder if he [Pence] realizes the discriminatory consequences of his rule. Over his career, he has had many colleagues and employees. With the men, he can have complex relationships that traverse work and social contexts, build trust, and eventually help their careers. A woman who hoped Pence would be a mentor to her, on the other hand, wouldn’t be able to avail herself of those opportunities, since he can’t even have lunch with her.

But, if feminists are so upset by the consequences that such a policy has on career oriented women, than they have only themselves to blame. What man in his right mind would continue to freely associate alone with female employees after the ordeals that numerous high-profile men have been subjected too? If you are a man, particularly a right wing politician or a controversial public figure, such behavior is putting your life on the line. You never know when that woman who you ate lunch alone with ten years ago will suddenly “remember” how you touched her butt on the way out. . .or groped her in the car.

Thanks to feminism, and to cries of sexual assault being used as weapons against men whose politics feminists don’t like, no intelligent man would open himself up to be lied about for political gain or partisan animus. No smart man would give a woman an opening to lie about him later, when she discovers she doesn’t agree with his politics, or even that she feels unnoticed and would like to get her five minutes of fame. And we know that feminists are convinced that women don’t lie. Men have had their lives (and yes their careers) ruined by false accusations of rape or other supposed sexual transgressions.

Feminists did this to themselves. By making White men the enemy, by touting sexual “assaults” as some horrible crime that takes place all over every day, and by creating a climate around female accusations that assumes the man is guilty and doesn’t let men get justice, they have made something good for women’s careers bad for men’s.  And not just bad for men’s careers, but something for which they could quite literally lose the life they know.

While Pence’s reasons are not entirely clear here, and they may well have something to do with his religious beliefs, and his desire to avoid sexual temptation, and not for self-protection, make no mistake here: feminism has made such policies not only rational but almost necessary for men. They cannot now complain that any of this is men’s fault.


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