Milo’s Fabulous Fall From Grace

untitled-picture-milo-4Boy have the last few days been interesting!  After Friday’s interview with Bill Maher and the CPAC invitation it looked like Milo was sitting on top of the world. Three days later everyone was wondering whether his career was over.

I’ve written about Milo here before on several occasions, chronicling the complex relationship I believe he has to the White Rights movement.

Of course, Milo is not the reason the Alt-right is gaining traction, as I have seen a few leftists claiming. The groundwork of disseminating pro-White ideals had been painstakingly laid down for years by much less sensational but much more committed activists. That groundwork had helped to confirm the Natural instincts of our people in the silence of their own minds, and behind the veils of their anonymous internet personas.

Then there was Trump, who helped immensely to give many of these people the courage to start repeating what they had learned from us to the world. Where Milo fits in is that he further helped people become brave enough to speak out. He hardly put the Alt-right on the map, at best he rode a wave of growing Alt-right-leaning sentiment to fame, helping to give it extra publicity and self-confirmation in the process.

As I have said before, I never outright rejected him because I believed that on the main, he was doing us more good than harm. I explained my rational for that here, and I recently ran across another article that bolsters my suspicions in that regard: Milo, even anti-identity, sue-anyone-who-calls-me –a-White-Nationalist Milo, was always more of a help than a hindrance.

This week that was no longer true. With hindsight, Milo’s recent intense resistance to being associated with us White identity people and our “odious and disgusting. . .opinions about skin color” was a massive blessing. They at least give us solid evidence with which to refute the claims the left is now hysterically throwing around that the Alt-right loves a pedophile.

Milo has spent the last few months seemingly on a mission to alienate any White Nationalist fans he had. Treating the terms “White Nationalist” and “White supremacist” as if they were identical, and claiming anyone referring to him as either was trying to slander him, it became clear that he saw pro-White people, without distinction, as a threat to his reputation.

Well, this week we were forced to return the favor. Milo has become a liability to our reputation. And he has no right to complain that Richard Spencer and others have now vehemently disowned him.

A Future Without Milo Mania?

So what can we expect with regard to Milo now? I really don’t know. It’s too early to tell for sure.  Some are certain his career is over, while others like myself tend to be a bit more optimistic about his possible return to massive popularity. But, he will always probably be a little bit tainted from now on.

Is it fair? Perhaps not. Like lots of people I kinda liked the guy, and the thought of him fading into obscurity leaves me sad for a reason that’s hard to articulate. He’s got his good traits (as well as many bad ones), and despite the fact that I disagree with his underlying egalitarian, anti-identity philosophy completely, I strongly agree with his pro-free speech message. He’s witty, and funny, and very self-composed, and better yet, he has many of the same enemies we do, so it was worth giving him a listen.

I had seen the Joe Rogan interview months ago (probably shortly after it was taped) and since I watched quite a bit of Milo, I just took it for Milo being Milo. While I distinctly remember the segment, and thinking it was a little out-there, I didn’t for a moment suspect it would cause the uproar it has.

It’s certainly true also that this was a smear campaign by people who hate both of us, and that many left-wing personalities have gotten away with very similar remarks with practically no accountability. But there’s something else too.

Milo’s unique position politically meant there was something about him for just about everyone to dislike:

He is a bragging miscegenist /race-mixer and anti-identity activist, things we on the Pro-White Alt-right find abhorrent about him. He is a flamboyant and promiscuous homosexual with a penchant for dirty words and even dirtier jokes, which evangelical/establishment Conservatives don’t appreciate about him. He claims at least some Jewish background, something which National Socialists don’t appreciate about him. And of course, while he is ideologically in line with the left, he stands against most of their positions, and refuses to treat White people with special hatred, which the left does not appreciate about him.

Of course, there are things about him for just about everyone to like too. What this means is that he was always surrounded by a bunch of sometimes-friends, sometimes-enemies.

This was both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. He ticked everybody off at some point, but didn’t tick everyone off at the same time about the same thing. That happened this week, and the result has been devastating for him any way you look at it.

So what is the future like? Is a future for the pro-White movement better or worse without Milo in the mix? Again, I don’t know. Some have suggested that Milo’s fabulous failure this weekend may leave a void that a true pro-White leader like Richard Spencer can step in and fill. We will have to wait and see if that is true.

In the meantime, Milo’s fall from grace can give us all a valuable reminder: nobody is untouchable, nobody is too big to get taken down by a scandal, and if we want to avoid something like this happening to a real Alt-right leader, we need to keep the moral high-ground always beneath our feet.


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