Lessons from Discussing the Duke Rape Case in a Liberal Classroom


This evening, my Criminal Procedure class discussed the infamous Duke Lacrosse Rape case of 2006. White Rights advocates remember this case as one of the most blatant and open examples of the criminal law being used as a weapon of racial hatred in America’s recent history.

For those unaware, the basic facts are that a Black stripper named Crystal Mangum (who would later be convicted of murdering her boyfriend) came to police with a claim that White Duke University lacrosse players at a party had gang-raped her while calling her racial slurs. Despite the fact that her story was even at the outset contradicted by other evidence, the now notorious Mike Nifong, the local liberal prosecutor, running for re-election that year, attempted to sell a narrative to the press that the White men were guilty, causing a national news sensation (reporters flocked to cover a story of a White-on-Black gang rape), deliberately withheld exculpatory DNA evidence from the young White men’s defense teams, and lied numerous times in open court.

He was eventually disbarred after his attempt to railroad three innocent White men to prop up an anti-White narrative was uncovered by the defense.  You can read the whole egregious story in the disciplinary complaint that resulted in his disbarment here.

In any case, I was interested to see how a bunch of liberals in a room together would talk about a case that cuts across every narrative they promote. Here are a few things I noted:

The Left Only Sees Race When It Suites Them:

Race should be the obvious elephant in the room here. Many of Nifong’s public statements to the press openly addressed the racial parts of the accusation, and claimed they made the incident worse. The left is constantly arguing that White people don’t see racial issues that non-Whites do, and the left accuses White egalitarians of “color-blind racism” for not mentioning race when the left thinks it should be mentioned. While I’m of course no fan of “color-blindness” or egalitarianism, the hypocrisy is rank.

Not once in our discussion did any of them mention race. Despite the fact that we had been talking about racial issues in prosecutor’s charging practices the very last class period. This time, race was magically not an issue on the table.

Falsely accusing a bunch of innocent White guys and lying to try to get them convicted of a crime you know they are innocent of because it would fit your political narratives and racial hatreds just isn’t important I guess. Crystal Mangum will never be a “racist” to them.

The Left Only Sees Sex When it Suits Them Too:

The same is true of sex/gender. The left is constantly concerned about possible government overreach into the lives of women, but when government deliberately tries to railroad a bunch of males over the false claim of a female, we hear no mention of “sexism.” The government might tell a woman she can’t have an abortion? Awful! The government might ruin a man’s reputation for life and send him to prison for years for a crime he didn’t commit because they didn’t want to disbelieve a female? Just fine!

A class full of leftists completely avoided either race or sex in this conversation.  None of them questioned whether, had the races or sexes been reversed, Nifong would have even brought the charges—although we were talking about prosecutor discretion.

But, they did mention. . .class.

The Left Will Always Find Some Way to Make White Males “Privileged”—Even When It’s Obvious They’re Not:

Even though they could not bring themselves to mention race or sex, they had to stop those privileged White boys from being able to play the victim card somehow. Instead of talking about how race and/or sex may have played into the charging decision Nifong made, they suggested that the only reason Nifong got into trouble for what he did was because the three accused lacrosse players had money to pay for a high-powered defense team, and family that backed them up financially and publicly. They were “privileged” in that their money gave them access to lawyers who could tease out Nifong’s attempts to make them look guilty by hiding evidence that proved they were innocent.

Somehow, being charged with a crime you didn’t commit, by a prosecutor who knows you didn’t commit it but is determined to convict you anyway, simply because of your race and the race of your accuser, doesn’t sound like “privilege” to me.

The Left Likes Conspiracy Theories:

The left likes to accuse the right of conspiracy theorizing, but I have found that the left is equally interested in conspiracy theories. Not only is their entire world view based on a conspiracy theory that White males are colluding to keep everyone else out of power, but when they run across a story they don’t like, conspiracies sound good to them then too.

After I stated that the charging decision was likely politically motivated, a Black guy in the back of the room countered me a few minutes later by suggesting a bizarre conspiracy theory that Nifong and Duke University had been in together on a plot to let the lacrosse players “get away with it” by having Nifong intentionally do all these despicable things so that he could be a fall guy. Fortunately, my Asian professor called foul on that one, pointing out how preposterous it was to think Nifong would have willingly brought this on himself if he had known what the consequences would be. His disbarment meant his career was ruined (as well it should have been).

The Black student who made this suggestion must have conveniently forgotten about that pesky DNA evidence Nifong was so keen on covering up which all but proved that the lacrosse players were innocent.

Alas, the facts don’t matter, only the anti-White narrative does.


This case has now become a classic on prosecutor misconduct. Isn’t it interesting that the best example of a prosecutor attempting to railroad people he knew were innocent to a false conviction that liberal lawyers and law professors can find, is a story that completely cuts across every narrative they promote.

Maybe it’s time for them to start wondering whether the world of Nifong where White men have to fear being ruined by false rape accusations from Black women is not a much more accurate picture of society than the one of evil “old White males”™ they promote.


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