Putting Quebec in Perspective: People Who Celebrate and Excuse Violence Have No Right to Decry It

While we don’t know the motive for the Quebec City mosque shooting yet, the development that the Muslim suspect was in fact not a shooter after all, leaving only Bissonette who apparently had at least some sympathy for politicians critical of Islam, makes it probable that some anti-Islamic sentiment was involved. So far the usual suspects have not unleashed nearly as much anti-White outrage as one might have expected.

While it’s entirely possible that they just haven’t had time yet, or that they are so busy protesting Trump’s excellent executive immigration order that this doesn’t seem so bad to them in comparison, there might be another reason too: they realize that they’d be at a disadvantage.

After all, it has barely been a week since the left was literally, openly discussing in serious terms, whether it was morally reprehensible or not to violently physically assault those they disagree with. Yes, mainstream leftist outlets were seriously pondering if violent hate crimes were ok. When that happens to a political movement, you know all morality is lost. For the same people who wondered whether physically assaulting Richard Spencer was wrong or not, suddenly being outraged about political violence is going to look a little silly.

And there’s more. The death toll in yesterday night’s attack is now steady at six. Now consider the following:

1. Around the world, Muslims commit the majority of terrorist attacks (around 60%), though most of their victims worldwide are not White. Between 2002 and 2015, ISIS alone was responsible for 33,000 deaths worldwide. It would take 5,500 Quebec Mosque shootings to make up the difference.

2. Over just the last three years (2014 – 2016) Muslim terrorists killed 440 people in terrorist attacks in Europe, the vast majority of whom were White Europeans. It would take at least 73 Quebec Mosque shootings to make up the difference.

3. And this number does not count the many violent crimes that immigrants and refugees have committed in Europe, such as the murder of Maria Ladenburger in Germany, this past December.

4. Migrants in Europe, most of whom are Muslim, are overrepresented in crime. Muslim African migrants in Victoria, Australia are five times more likely to commit crimes.

5. From 1993 – 2001 66% of group rape and sex offenses committed in the Netherlands were committed by Non-Whites, and 75% of the victims were White. And, the researchers noted that other crime categories had shown similar results.

6. Each year, in the US, roughly 650,000 White people will be the victim of a violent crime committed by a Black. Of all interracial violent crimes involving Blacks and Whites each year, about 85% of them are Black-on-White, and only about 15% are White-on-Black.

7. In 2004, 83% of violent racially motivated hate crimes in the UK had White victims, and 57% of perpetrators of hate crimes overall were non-White even though non-Whites made up less than 10% of the population. In the US, Blacks are more likely than Whites to commit hate crimes.

Yet all of the facts you just read are either ignored by the left, dismissed as irrelevant, or outright attacked by calling anyone who dares to mention them “racist.” People who treat so much political and racial violence in this way, cannot complain about any political or racial violence.

And, pro-White violence is incredibly rare, while left-wing and “anti-racist” violence is much more common.

People who openly applaud violence against those they disagree with, and who can’t bring themselves to condemn rioting, repeated police shootings, and crime after crime committed by Muslims in Europe, or the fact that White people are being genocided in our own homelands, don’t have a right to complain now. And those who cover up the massive non-White on White violent crime rate throughout the White western world and try to shame any White person who complains about it into silence, have no right to tell the right that they aren’t saying enough about this.

Finally, those who subscribe to  an ideology which is founded on a hatred and fear of Whiteness, and which shames and blames White people without mercy all across the globe with false smears, have no right to speak of “Islamophobia” “stigma” or “demonization”.

Yes, all terrorism is wrong. Yes, the unprovoked shooting even of Muslims is not right. But the self-righteous White-hating, Euro-phobic leftist mob has no right to complain about it.

The left creates an atmosphere of violence, and then complains when, every once in a blue moon, the right takes a few tactics from their playbook.

They have made their bed. Now let them lie in it.




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