The Old-Right v. The Alt-Right

Want a quick way to describe the major differences between the alt-right and the establishment right? Try this:

We care more about race than about sexual orientation; more about father’s rights than about abortion; more about free speech, Western culture, and Natural morality, than about promoting a “Christian Nation”. We are about standing up to the left on behalf of the people it has oppressed by scapegoating tactics for years: Whites, men, and particularly White men. We care about the people the left blames for everything; the people the left doesn’t care about. We are the defense in the left’s prosecution of White male society.

Sometimes we resemble the establishment right, we just care about other things more: for instance, many of us don’t actually support homosexuality, or abortion, and many of us are Christians. We just care more about racialism, bringing down feminism, and most importantly promoting White racial interests, than we do about opposing gay rights or abortion, and we often feel that religion is personal and shouldn’t be so politicized. Whether you are a Christian or not is not so important—your social values are.

On the other hand, when it comes to some issues, we differ radically from the establishment right, and in fact look more like the left: we often care more about the environment and are more likely to be suspicious of big business and money interests. We care more about culture and society than economics. We care about people, not corporations. We are about identity politics: White identity politics, and male identity politics.

On some issues we are split: some in the movement are libertarian leaning, celebrate freedom, and want a smaller government. Others are socialists or other autocrats, believing that democracy is inherently bad for a society, and wanting a bigger government.

On some things we don’t really resemble either the establishment right or left: for instance, the alt-right is very non-interventionist when it comes to foreign policy. We just want everybody to keep their fingers out of everybody else’s business! Foreign wars do nobody any good. Most in the movement care about preserving Western (i.e. White) culture. The biggest one is that we don’t believe in equality, and don’t think a social order can or should be built on it (there are a few exceptions to this rule, mostly in the cultural libertarian and men’s rights wings of the movement).

We have a different brand of nationalism too: the left is anti-nationalist, period. The establishment right sanctions, even if it does not always observe, civic nationalism: Hence the obsession with flag burning, veterans, and the national anthem. The alt-right doesn’t give a flip about civic nationalism, and the flag waving displays that come with it. We know that a nation-state is nothing but a set of arbitrary lines drawn on a map. We care about race and/or culture. The things that are real. The things that matter. We are racial or ethnic nationalists.

This movement is a very loose coalition. It’s hard to pin down. That being said, I think that’s a pretty good short summary.


2 thoughts on “The Old-Right v. The Alt-Right

  1. Right from the start I believe you’ve got it wrong, wrong in the same way most people get things thanks to liberal indoctrination and the liberals being wrongfully and stupidly allowed to decide certain narratives.

    Neither the “Old Right” nor “Alt Right” really care about Race. It’s always been – post Reconstruction at least – about Culture, not the essentially meaningless vagaries of genetics. Even the “Black Community” and those who pander to- and enable them tacitly admit this every time they one of “their own” isn’t “Black Enough” or call them an Oreo, Race Traitor, House Negro, or Sell Out. They do so again whenever they claim something, especially normative speech or obvious education is “Too White.”

    And that’s just the “Black Community.” Consider the Hispanics. Supposedly – and seemingly – their issues devolve down to allowing as many of “their people” to enter America as want to and to ensure that they never even have to learn the language, much less assimilate.


    1. Jonolan, thanks for commenting! I think the liberal indoctrination part is actually the false ideal that race doesn’t matter. Its quite clear if you have spent any time in the alt-right that race does matter to most of us. Its true that many are also concerned about culture, but they believe race and culture are connected: culture is a racial construct they will tell you.

      Liberals hate the fact that race is real. They do not want people to think that it is, so they don’t indoctrinate that it is. The indoctrination happens when liberals say that it is not.


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