Complaining About Discrimination is Brave. . .Unless Your White, Then Its “Not Ok” and “Racist”

Oh wait, complaining about discrimination is NOT ok? How was I supposed to know? Last I heard it was brave, and courageous, and you know, for justice and all that nice stuff. Oh wait, that’s right, I’m White, I get it now. Discriminating against me is fine, and if I complain I’m a racist. Ok. . .

That is pretty much exactly what this disgusting piece of “journalism” says. Read this story, then in case you miss it, please take note that they are raising money. . .for the Black employee. Yes, you heard that right.

When she started spinning out of control was when white people didn’t stand up for her,” Grady said by phone. “Because if you see in the video, her total demeanor, even though she’s insulting me, her total demeanor changes when she’s speaking to me, as opposed to the African American employees. She was still looking for an ally in me, even though she is shouting at me.


As White people, let’s let this woman know that other White people do support her, even if the disgusting one who took the video does not. I don’t care if she was really discriminated against or not. I support a right to discriminate as anyone chooses. This isn’t really about discrimination itself, but about (a) fighting anti-White ideals that manifest themselves in anti-White double standards, and (2) encouraging everyday White people to be more willing to stand up to what they perceive as anti-White behavior by non-Whites. That last one is critical. This woman made a plea to White racial solidarity. Let’s show her some.

I can’t find anything identifying her at this point, but if her identity comes out, we can personally reach out to her.

Until then, lets share support on social media by linking stories about this video with messages of White solidarity against anti-White attitudes.

Also, take note that the disgusting White traitor who took the video named her petition “Stand Strong Against Racism”. Disgusting.

In the article linked to above, she states this about herself as a White woman:

 “I am overwhelmed by your generosity and it’s given me hope,” Grady wrote on the Gofundme page. “I have been speaking to the manager I’m raising this gift for about what to do with the additional funds. I want this to be her decision to empower her to meet the needs of her family and of her community. It is not my place as a white woman to do that for her.” (emphasis mine)

If you want, you can leave a comment telling her exactly what you think of her on the petition page here.

While I don’t think shouting at employees is a good way to go about informing the world of our problems, and I’m not endorsing the way she handled the situation, incidents like these can show us something about how people are starting to think now:

I am heartened by the fact that more and more White people are standing up to things they see as anti-White, even if they don’t get everything yet. It’s the first step in the right direction. Our people are waking up.


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