Anti-Discrimination Laws are Anti-White

Although on paper, anti-discrimination laws apply to all races, in practice they are only ever used against Whites. That is because they were invented by proponents of melanosupremacy to be used as weapons against the exercise of constitutional rights by White people. The result is that, in practice, non-Whites are allowed to discriminate against Whites without fear of reprisal.

While I was doing the reading for one of my law school classes, I ran across the perfect example of this. This case is rather shocking in its extreme circumstances, just proving the point that, as Black, former “Civil Rights” Commission head, Mary Frances Berry stated, “civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” Apparently they don’t:

The Death of Berlie White:

We’ve all heard those stories about how sick or injured Blacks back in the day, died because a hospital wouldn’t take them. Well, well, well. This happened in 1997, did you hear about it?

Berlie White, a 64 year old White man, was in Cherokee, North Carolina when he suddenly began to feel short of breath. Noting that it was a medical emergency he was rushed to the nearest hospital: Cherokee Indian Hospital, operated by the United States Government on the Cherokee Reservation. Surprise! We learn that the hospital is not merely allowed, but actually prohibited, from treating non-Amerindians, except for discretionary care in emergency situations like Berlie White’s. Although the staff at the hospital were permitted to treat him (it was an emergency), they not only refused to treat him, but also refused to refill his oxygen tank. The next closest hospital was 10 miles away. White was sent there, but by the time he reached it, he had gotten much worse, and was in severe respiratory distress. He died the next day, almost certainly as a result of having been forced to travel for treatment to the farther hospital.

His relatives sued the federal government, alleging among other things, unlawful discrimination on the basis of race. They lost. The court stated that they had failed to “direct [the court] to any duty. . . that would require a ‘private [hospital] under like circumstances’ to treat” Berlie White. Amazing!

Can you imagine if a private hospital in North Carolina had turned a Black or Amerindian patient away because of their race? Even the Cherokee Indian Hospital would likely not have dared to turn away a Black person seeking admission. But it was perfectly fine for them to do it to a White man.

Although there were more complex legal issues in the case than merely the discrimination question, the fact that you don’t ever hear this case cited, and that the court so matter-of-factly dismissed the claim, all by themselves can tell us about how unimportant the federal government considers anti-White discrimination to be.

Remember this, next time some anti-White ignoramus complains of discrimination against non-Whites.

Case cite: Williams v U.S., 242 F.3d 169 (4th Cir. 2001).



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