A Short-Hand Dictionary for the Alt-Right

As the White Rights Movement and the larger “alt-right” continue to get publicity, a lot of terms are getting thrown around by journalists and others who are not a part of the movement and quite clearly don’t understand how things work in it.

I have seen articles trying to define different strains of the movement in multiple different ways. So, from an insider, here is a quick dictionary of terms associated with the White Rights Movement in particular, and the wider alt-right.

Of course because these are short-hand, they are necessarily over-simplified. Also, there is overlap between many of these terms, as many people in the alt-right could fall under multiple terms listed here:

White Rights Movement:

White Rights/Pro-White/White Identity/White Nationalist Movement: The movement that promotes the rights and interests of White people in politics and culture worldwide. It is identity politics for White people.

White Advocate/White Rights Advocate: Someone who promotes and advocates for the rights and interests of White people. Most are also White Nationalists and Racialists.

Racial Separatist: Someone who believes that racially homogenous societies and/or countries are preferable to multi-racial ones, and who promotes the formation or maintenance of racially homogenous societies and/or countries.

White Nationalist: Someone who is both a White advocate and a racial separatist. Thus, a White Nationalist is someone who promotes all White societies and/or countries for White people to live in.

Racialist/Race-Realist: Someone who believes that race is a biological reality, that the races are biologically different from each other in at least some ways, and that those differences have implications for society, civilization, interaction, and/or ethics and policies. This does NOT have to include any beliefs in racial supremacy.

Racial Supremacist: Someone who believes that at least one race is objectively superior to others. Racial supremacy on the left, in the form of melanosupremacy, holds that non-Whites are superior to Whites, and typically argues for superiority based on morality (i.e. non-Whites are morally superior to Whites). Racial supremacy on the right typically holds that one race (often Whites, but sometimes also Asians) is racially superior to others, and usually argues for superiority based on intelligence and/or civilization building capacity (i.e. Whites and sometimes Asians, are superior to other races in IQ and creativity or civilization). Old school versions of racial supremacy held that the superior race(s) should conquer and rule over the inferior race(s), but most modern forms do not.

White Supremacist: Someone who believes that the White race is superior to all or certain non-White races. As a rule, the only non-White race sometimes held equal or superior to Whites by White supremacists are Asians. Most White advocates are NOT White supremacists. REMEMBER THIS.

Identarian: This is a term that is more common in Europe, where it originated out of the European White Nationalist movement in France. It is similar to White advocate and White Nationalist, and tends to mean someone who has a strong sense of identity as a White person and who advocates on behalf of that identity.

Other Alt-Right:

National Socialist: Someone who promotes a form of government and society as seen in Nazi Germany. It is usually characterized by socialism, ethnic nationalism, and autocracy. Some National Socialists are also White advocates (in which case, they also promote racial as well as ethnic Nationalism), but most White advocates are not National Socialists, and some National Socialists are not White advocates.

NRx/Neo-Reactionary: Someone who broadly rejects the ideals of classical liberalism and the enlightenment, particularly the promotion of democratic forms of government. People with this position are suspicious of democracy and popular rule and promote various forms of autocracy including monarchy.

Culturalist/Ethnic Nationalist: Someone who believes that cultures and/or nations can be superior to others, or wants to preserve a certain culture or ethnic group. In the alt-right, it is invariably Western culture that is held superior or sought to be preserved.

Men’s Rights Movement: the movement that seeks to promote the rights of men in society. As a general rule, it holds that modern feminism has become anti-male, does not seek gender equality, and seeks to take away or undermine the rights of men. MRA = Men’s Rights Activist.

Southern Nationalist/Neo-Confederate: the movement that seeks to preserve Southern American culture as a unique ethnic culture, and Southern history in the US South. Some also seek to re-secede and bring back the Confederate States of America.

Cultural Libertarianism: Someone who believes that the current culture, dominated by the far left, is stifling free speech, expression, and thought, and that a culture should seek to promote norms of freedom of speech and thought.


I am sure I missed some here. I am after all, more acquainted with the White Rights movement than other parts of the alt-right. Please let me know if you have thought of someone I missed.



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