Why Steve Bannon is Good for Us

I admit, I am one of those White advocates who is inclined to grumble about Steve Bannon.

Let’s be clear about this: Donald Trump is no White Nationalist, and I hadn’t ever expected him to bring an open White advocate into his administration, but, after seeing that it appears most of the public at large, and certainly Trump’s most dangerous enemies, are clearly convinced Bannon is one of us, I can’t help but be slightly irked that since Trump is clearly willing to take all the criticism that comes along with bringing in a White Nationalist, he didn’t actually bring in a real one.

Active pro-White sentiment is a large part of why he won, and for the sake of White people everywhere, I feel like saying: “if you are willing to take on someone whom the world believes is a White Nationalist, for goodness sake, take an actual White Nationalist!”

Now, I’ll be upfront about the fact that I haven’t really looked into Bannon’s actual beliefs at all. But given he was the executive chair of Breitbart news prior to being picked by Trump, I can make some educated assumptions about his politics. I know more about Breitbart than I know about Bannon personally. Although I don’t read it often, I do end up there from time to time, and it’s fair to say that Breitbart is in no way, shape, or form a pro-White media outlet.

They barely hang onto their title as alt-right at all. They are consistently equalitarian in bent, and I haven’t seen any race-realist pieces ever printed there. In fact, from time to time, they have joined all the mainstream outlets in denouncing “racism.” One thing they are willing to do is point out the racial double standards against White people. This is the only thing about Breitbart that could be thought of as pro-White. They are willing to call out Black-on-White crime, and they are willing to point out left-wing “racism” against Whites by name. This is a good thing that should not be overlooked. But, it is hardly enough.

Basically, they are typical cuckservative news, with a less elitist, more unashamedly “conservative” viewpoint, that—much like Trump—merely shrugs off accusations of “racism”, “sexism,” etc. They are libertarian leaning, but they are certainly not part of the White identity media.

I think of Breitbart as occupying that middle ground, the bridge if you like, between the White Rights Movement and racialism/race realism and establishment conservatism. They, like much of the cultural libertarian wing of the alt-right, are really somewhere between the two.

Thus, if the content at Breitbart is any reflection of Steve Bannon’s own political leanings, than it seems quite clear to me he is no White Rights advocate.

But, I truly believe the White Rights movement should throw its support behind the Bannon appointment for reasons I’d like to outline here. Resentful as we might be tempted to be over being passed up for someone whose alleged pro-White credentials ring hollow to any real pro-White advocate, we should consider the following:

Bannon will be a Path Breaker: As the left-wing attack on Bannon shows, they are treating him as if he really were a White Nationalist. Yet, the fact that he is not, allows those on the more establishment right to roll out the classic “it’s all a smear” defense, which—obnoxious as it is to any real White advocate—may be a necessary evil. It is perhaps too early to appoint a real White Nationalist to the presidential cabinet.

Although our people are waking up and getting more unashamed by the day, it is worth remembering that most of them are still steeped in anti-White understandings of history and race. The rising tide of White pride amongst our people should not be automatically interpreted by us as a sign that they are fully on board with a racialist worldview. Rather, what they are doing—what is just as essential and important—is starting to get used to defending White pride again. That must come first. If it means that ordinary White people spend a few years arguing passionately that one does not have to be “racist” to be proud about being White, so be it. What is important is that they embrace White pride.

Every important social change comes gradually. Culture does not change overnight, and people who have spent a life-time being told that being anything but color blind is the world’s worst sin, will not simply throw off the shackles of that wrong belief in an instant.

For this Bannon—like Trump himself—is critical: Bannon is not good for us because he shares our love for White people, but rather because he is supportive of defending White people to some degree, and will thus pave the road for a real White Nationalist to follow him into the White House in the future.

Additionally, the left’s full blown attack on Bannon may succeed in helping mute negative opinion toward White Nationalism, as he is so moderate that repeatedly calling him a White Nationalist ad nausium may in fact cause the accusation to lose any power it may have had on the right. Much like the use of “racist” has caused it to no longer be taken as a serious term even by many who would otherwise be willing to condemn “racism”, this left-wing overreaction to the Bannon appointment could result ultimately in shifting the general Republican base further in our direction, giving us greater electoral leverage in future elections.

Patience is critical here. Good things come to those who wait.

Bannon is Still Better than We Probably Expected: Once again, like Trump himself, although far from the candidate I would choose if given my pick of the world, Bannon is still so much better than White advocates anywhere could have hoped for prior to this whole election season. Like most of us, I was expecting more of the same old cuckservative politics as normal to be the Republicans in this election. I am terribly excited about how wrong I was. Trump and Bannon are examples of people who—though not White advocates—are the closest to it that we have had a chance to put into national government in decades.

Like Trump himself, also a path breaker, the appointment of Steve Bannon may be seen by history as a pivotal moment in the rise of White identity politics to national power and prominence: not because he himself supports White identity politics, but because his appointment will open the door for someone who does.

No, he’s not perfect, but if we wait for someone who is, before throwing our support behind anyone, our people will die in the waiting room.

We must be carful not to ask for too much too soon. Let’s be grateful for what Bannon really is: a decoy, taking the bullets of anti-White rage, so that when a real White advocate is poised to take a position of national prominence, the left will be all out of ammunition.


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