The Politics of Fear and the Politics of Hypocrisy


This entire election season the left has been telling us that Donald Trump’s campaign was running on fear. But in the last three days, what I have seen is something else. I have seen a Clinton campaign that was run on fear.

As a law student, attending a law school that is liberal even by law school standards, and as someone who periodically likes to read leftist opinion pieces and comments just to know what the other side is thinking, I noticed that by Wednesday morning fear was already the primary topic of discussion on the left.

From my own facebook feed, to leftist reactions in articles I read and leftist comments scattered around the web, phrases like “I am scared”, “I am afraid” and “I am in fear right now” were the most predicable part of leftists reactions. If the person was not saying that they themselves were afraid, they were attributing fear to others (usually non-Whites, gays, women, Muslims, and immigrants).

All this should be very enlightening to anyone not previously acquainted with how the left attacks the White community. As I noted previously, the melanosupremacist left is always accusing anyone who tries to make a case for White interests of creating, pandering to, or exploiting fear to political advantage. As I also noted previously, the undercurrent of this accusation is a belief that White people’s fear is invalid. Thus, the aim and/or outcome of such accusations is to invalidate the White perspective. White fear is stigmatized as if it were not merely a wrong subject for politics, but almost as if it were a wrong emotion: White people do not have the right to be afraid.

As in so many other things, hypocrisy is one of the most noticeable features of the way the left handles fear. When White people are fearful of something (or are even merely accused of being fearful) fear is treated as a wrong and illegitimate political subject. Stoking it, or voting on it, are decried as a bad thing.

But let the fear be non-White fear (or sometimes female fear, or gay fear) and all of a sudden fear is a perfectly good emotion, and a perfectly good reason to vote. Anyone saying otherwise is a “racist”, “sexist”, “islamaphobe”, or “homophobe.”  Fear for the political interests of non-Whites is a perfectly valid and legitimate reason to vote against Trump. But fear for the interests of Whites is not a valid or legitimate reason to vote for him.

That is what the leftist reaction to a Trump win tells us loud and clear. And this reaction offers yet one more confirmation of the truth: the left is not anti-fear, not anti-hate, not anti-“racist”: it is anti-White.


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