For the Win

donald-j-trump-1342298_640I’ve been saying ever since Donald Trump attacked the Mexican menace in the opening speech of his campaign and refused to grovel when called a racist, that whatever happened last night, this election season would be a win for White people. But it just kept getting better.

First Trump’s refusal to apologize when called names. Then his willingness to call out racial prejudice against him by a non-White judge. As the overton window shifted, the gradual rising prominence of White Nationalists and the Alt-right in general was happening before our eyes, as Trump openly met with White Nationalist leaders, retweeted pro-White memes, and even refused to condemn David Duke or the Klan in anything but a bland, disinterested manner (whatever one thinks of the Klan and Duke—who hasn’t been a part of it in years—it can’t be denied that this was a significant symbol of growing tolerance for pro-White attitudes).

His candidacy introduced myriads of people to the terms White Nationalism, alt-right, and the awareness of White genocide, and allowed prominent White Nationalists like Jarred Taylor, Richard Spencer, and James Edwards to reach an audience more numerous, more open, and more sympathetic than ever before.

His outspokenness and his unwillingness to apologize also worked wonders for free speech, the destruction of political correctness in general, and through all of this we have reason to hope, the destruction one day of the dark equality-worshiping, anti-White ideology that served as the foundation for society’s problems.

Although Trump is in no way a White Nationalist—I have always maintained this, and I wish to repeat it now—he had done great things for White Nationalism long before he ever came to last night. In addition to his willingness to reach out to White advocates and even his courting of the pro-White vote, he showed the equalitarian and largely melanosupremacist establishment conservatives two very important things: (1) that getting called a racist is not the end of your campaign—in fact, it might only be the beginning, (2) that there is a vast untapped political resource in the White electorate in this country that they, through their cowardice or anti-White ideals had previously failed to tap into. I hope the old GOP is gone. I think, and I hope, that the alt-right has all but proved a takeover of the Republican party, and that White Identity politics is on the cusp of becoming a major force in political life.

This is unquestionably for the better, although with rising popularity and growing numbers will come challenges. Our movement can meet them, but we must retain the clarity of vision and commitment to purpose that has kept us together so far.

When, several years before this election season, I was planning and dreaming for a rise of our movement like this I called it correctly that we would need to infiltrate and take over the Republican party. I just never imagined it would happen so soon. This is an amazing moment, filled with promise. Opportunities such as many of us younger White advocates have never seen in our lifetimes lie ahead. I thought I’d probably have to work tireless for thirty years or so to see something like this.

But we must remember, this is only the beginning. We still must work on. Donald Trump will not run a White Nationalist presidency, he will only make one much easier to achieve, and much more likely to happen. To achieve a White Nationalist revolution here and around the White world we must continue to work hard, get out the information, and stand tall for the rights and interest of the White community.

Now that Trump has proved that you can sympathize with the pro-White cause and refuse to apologize for your positions once called a racist and still win the presidency the political landscape will be changed forever.

Forward to victory!


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