What’s in a Perspective?

shame-927085_1920Melanosupremacy has a policy of invaliding White perspectives and validating non-White ones. This is a method of disempowering the White community and divesting White people of their rights. The White perspective is dismissed and demonized, with the result of causing Whites to suppress their own perspective. It’s a form of gaslighting.

Fear, anger, pride. Have you ever noticed how these things are treated differently depending on whether the person expressing them is White or non-White?

When a non-White group expresses fear of Whites, their fear is validated. Non-White fear of Whites is taken seriously, as if it did not even need to be proven. Argument is made that non-White fear is legitimate and based in real fact, and equalitarian doctrine is presented to argue that it is morally sound.

When White people express fear of non-Whites, their perspective is invalidated: White fear of non-Whites is met with denial, criticism, accusations of White guilt, and anti-White hatred. White fear is declared not a legitimate fear. Arguments are presented to the effect that White fear is grounded in baseless stereotypes and prejudices, and melanosupremacist and equalitarian doctrine is presented to argue that it is immoral and unacceptable.  In this way it is dismissed, demonized, suppressed, and ultimately invalidated.

Anger is treated the same way:

Non-White anger is to be respected and responded to. It is legitimate anger; a response to legitimate injustice. If non-White anger should ever lead to violence against White people, then it is excused. That violence is not used by society to invalidate the anger that fueled it, or to condemn the fear that may lay behind the anger. Non-White anger is brave, loving, and righteous.

But let the anger be White anger, and everything changes. White anger is detestable, unacceptable, hateful, worthy of being condemned. White anger is not legitimate, and is not based on injustice. Rather, it is accused of being based in hatred, selfishness, or greed. White anger is shameful, and wrong.  And should White anger ever lead to violence, then that violence is proof of how wrong and evil White anger is. White anger is dangerous and deadly. It must be suppressed with ruthless vigilance, and condemned wherever it is found. Moreover, if White fear ever leads to White anger that leads to violence, that is also proof of how dangerous White fear is.

Pride is treated identically to fear and anger:

Non-White pride is praised and encouraged. It represents victory and triumph, goodness, justice. It is not accused of “racism,” nor condemned as divisive, hateful, or bigoted. It is perfectly respectable, and legitimate.

White pride on the other hand, is once again evil and unacceptable. It is shocking and horrifying and shameful (oh the irony). It must be condemned by everyone. It is not legitimate, and makes the unfortunate White person who dares to have it, worthy of hatred, and even violence.

All of this amounts to shutting down the White perspective:

Non-White fear is because of “racism”; White fear is “racism”

Non-White anger is because of “racism”; White anger is “racism”

Non-White pride is needed because of “racism”; White pride is “racism”

The non-White perspective is good, the White one bad. The non-White perspective is right, the White one is wrong.

White people are not persons. They do not have the right to be afraid, the freedom to be angry, or the permission to be proud.

All of this goes back to melanosupremacy and to a need for non-Whites to maintain power over White people in society.  White fear, anger, and pride is considered dangerous by melanosupremacists and non-Whites because allowing White fear means recognizing White needs, allowing White anger means legitimizing activism to meet those needs, and allowing White pride means losing power to control White people.

The White perspective is invalidated not because it is not real or legitimate, but because it threatens melanosupremacy and the equalitarian dogma.

The left does not want to see the world through White eyes, so it pretends White eyes do not see the world. But truth and justice cannot be denied forever: one day, they will be forced to acknowledge the reality and legitimacy of the White experience. The sooner the better for everyone.


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