Hilary is Sick and Tired of Seeing Blaming and Shaming—So am I

NOTE: I wrote this last fall, but did not get a chance to put it up then. Although I don’t think the ad I discuss here is still running, I think that the issue is still worth posting about. So here, a little late I admit, is my response to a particularly ironic Hillary campaign ad:

Its election season, and with the presidential elections around the corner, the candidates are campaigning aggressively everywhere. That means adds. When I have spare time in between classes at school, I tend to watch documentary programs on youtube, and that means that I have to sit through political adds. Sometimes I get Trump adds, but lately I have been getting mostly Hilary adds. One of the adds that I seem to get particularly often opens up with this line: Hilary: “I’m really tired of women being blamed, and shamed.”

It strikes me just how hypocritical such complaints about “blaming” and “shaming” of certain groups are, coming from equalitarians and melanosupremacists like Hilary. No group is blamed and shamed more than White people, and White males in particular. Nobody. That just isn’t in dispute. And no group blames and shames more than equalitarians and melanosupremacists like Hilary.

The whole conceptual framework of equalitarianism is built on a foundation of melanosupremacy.  Their whole worldview stands on a foundation of blaming and shaming and hating White people. Take the melanosupremacy out of equalitarianism as currently constructed, and the whole thing falls to pieces.

You see, equality is a sham. It doesn’t exist. And that’s really a beautiful thing, not an ugly thing. It means there is diversity. REAL diversity.  It means lots of good things. But because it does not exist, to claim it does is a lie. And because it is a sham, it needs a lie to back up the lie that it is real. Because it is a falsehood, the proof of which is that it hasn’t existed anywhere anytime in history, those who insist on believing the myth of equality must find some way of rationalizing away all the evidence that it doesn’t exist. There is only one way for them to do this: find a scapegoat. A group they can claim was the evil boogyman who is responsible for the lack of equality in history and the present. After all, if some evil entity isn’t responsible for inequality, than they would be forced to admit that inequality is real, and equality is a myth. The only way to keep arguing that equality is not a myth, is to argue that inequality has been artificially created. And in order to do that, you must find someone to blame and shame for creating it.

White people were chosen for the scapegoat slot.  And as part of the campaign to scapegoat the White race as the creators of inequality, our history has been either ignored or distorted  to force it into a “White people are guilty” narrative. And not only is this myth used to shame and blame us, but it has also been used to systematically take away our rights in society, even in our own homelands. In addition, through the feminist movement which incorporated the White guilt myth, but applied it only to White males, those who are blamed and shamed and injusticed the most in today’s society are those who have the misfortune of falling into both the White and male boxes: they are the ultimate scapegoats; the ultimate victims of a society hell-bent on destroying everything about them and their identities. Even their existence is a crime.

If people like Hilary have a problem with blaming and shaming whole groups of people, they need to start their campaigning by looking in the mirror. The most enthusiastic purveyors of hatred through blame and shame tactics are people like her: equalitarians and melanosupremacists. Like Hilary, I am sick and tired of politics playing a constant routine of blaming and shaming, but I disagree with that add’s claim of who the victim is here, and if Hilary were honest, she would too.


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