Donald Trump: The Man Who Greets with Fire

In the gathering twilight of an African dusk, he walked with calm and confident leisure across the darkening plains.  The black tips on his mane framed his slightly lowered head, as his introspective gaze told a story of a night’s work done a thousand times before. He moved with ease, grace, and power through a sea of golden grass; a force of personality in the stillness of the night.

He was young, but when he was even younger, he had set out from home, perhaps alone, to take on a world full of enemies. He had found wives, and founded a family. Standing with his older co-regent he now worked every night to protect that land and those he was close to.

Unlike his older partner, a languid, easy-going personality with little relish for battle, he was always ready, always there, always eager to confront the enemy. And they called him Ntchwaidumela [NIN-twy-du-MAYla]: “he who greets with fire”.

What an epic name for an epic personality. Growing up, watching again and again—for how I loved the story— Ntchwaidumela, one of the two main male characters in the real life drama that is the tale of Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas—one of the greatest stories ever told—I always loved that name. And how fitting it was. He was an individual with a personality at once so recognizable, so active and so passionate. He cared. He killed hyenas because he cared. He greeted the enemy with fire because he was ablaze with the desire to protect.

Today, looking at Donald Trump I see a similar personality. People say “he is angry” or “he loses control of himself,” but what I see is an individual eager to confront the enemy. An individual who is ablaze with a desire to see the enemy go down. An individual who is neither angry nor lacking in self-control, but who wants to fight. He wants to slay all the great matriarchs of the clan of laughing leftists who proclaimed that he could not win when he showed them his fire by confronting them; and to leave their pampered minority princesses to find out what it feels like to be where he has been—where every White person knows what it’s like to be—alone, in a world full of enemies.

What Trump’s detractors interpret or characterize as anger and loss of self-control, I see as eagerness. Just the type of fearless eagerness that we so desperately needed to set the political world ablaze. Leaving his older, docile, all-roar-no-gore politician “partners” in the background.

No, Trump is no White advocate, but he has sense, and more importantly perhaps, he doesn’t back down. He wants to destroy his opponents. And when his opponents are our opponents we all win. Unlike the weak-kneed politicians who have come before him, he actually wants confrontation. He relishes battle. He is a man who greets with fire.

Perhaps we can have an Eternal Enemies ending, where Trump chases down a fleeing political establishment and breaks its neck, leavings it body over an anthill to be consumed to nothingness; never more to be, forever. Then again, the truth of life is that these enemies are eternal. As long as life exists we will need people like Trump, to greet the enemy not with fear, not with favors, not with falsehood, but with fire.

Ntchwaidumela chasing down the Southern Clan’s matriarch, in the grand finale of Eternal Enemies.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Man Who Greets with Fire

  1. Gregory

    Oh what a wonderful epic tale. Like Ntwadumayla, Trump does greet with fire. But he must complete the things he started. If he did he may go down in history as legendary just as Ntwadumayla did.

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    1. Hi Gregory! Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to find another Trump supporter who also loves this film and those in it! I agree, to go down as legend Trump must do more than greet with fire, he must take the enemy out like Ntchwaidumela did. In all likelihood, the time is not yet quite ripe for this. I think Trump is someone who will clear the path for another who will finish the work. But he, and all his beautiful boldness, were necessary to get us where we are right now.


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