Melanosupremacists Attack Donald Trump for Giving White Students the Courage to Stand up for Themselves


The viciously anti-White left has built a whole pseudo-religion out of hating White people, and blaming the White community for everything they don’t like. Melanosupremacy has always lead to rampant anti-White victim blaming, where White victims of crime, bullying, censorship, and racial hatred, intimidation, and degradation have been attacked as the “bad guys” whenever they try to point out that they are being mistreated.

What we have seen so far with the reactions of melanosupremacists to the Trump campaign and the many instances of conflict between Trump and his critics, has just confirmed this over and over again. Over and over the unashamed White guy (Trump) has been blamed for his own victimization by anti-White attackers. Always the perpetrators are the real victims, and the unashamed White guy is the real perpetrator for being unashamed—because being White and unashamed of it is apparently a crime in this country. A crime worthy of being attacked over.

Trump is attacked, censored, and vilified—but when he fights back, he’s a bully. Well, here we go again. . .

The National Education Association recently released a “report” claiming that there is a “Trump effect” in classrooms across the country whereby “there is bullying going on, and [there are] children who feel that they are given permission to repeat some of the things they’re hearing out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” an example of which is  “White students at a high school basketball game in Indiana holding up a picture of Trump and shouting ‘Build a wall’ to their opponents from a largely Latino school.”

This hardly sounds like bullying. In fact, the NEA’s claims wreak of the same sort of victim blaming that has been leveled at White people for years, and that has so conspicuously been hurled at Trump throughout this campaign season.

What if in fact, these White students were not bullying, but rather standing up for themselves? What if they had finally been given the courage to stand up for themselves, by being shown a national candidate—White like them—doing so? What if, instead of instigating bullying, Trump was actually giving the primary victims of bullying an example of how to stand up to bullies?

The evidence suggests that this is what is really going on here:

Research on bullying has consistently shown that White students are victims of bullying in higher proportions than non-Whites, and are particularly targeted for racial bullying by non-Whites—all the more so as they become a racial minority in a school. This has been found in studies across the White would, including the UK, the Netherlands, and the US.

Horrendous instances of White students as young as nine years old committing suicide because of racial bullying by non-Whites, being doused in gasoline and set on fire as part of an anti-White bullying campaign, or having to receive police protection from death threats after giving their opinion on some racial issues, are not anomalies: they are just part of an epidemic of anti-White bullying that is taking place in schools throughout the White world. There are many such stories.

And this has been documented at least since 1976 when anthropologist Gretchen Schafft did research on a school where White students were the minorities, finding that:

. . .white pupils, fearful of abuse from their black schoolmates, are reluctant to leave their classrooms. They seldom go into poorly supervised parts of the buildings, and the older they get, the closer they stay to their own rooms. . .

White children particularly shy away from the school bathrooms. Schafft says there are no records of physical attacks there, but “the verbal assaults are frightening enough to cause many children to avoid the bathrooms for the entire school year.” Several whites admitted they went home for lunch solely to avoid using the school lavatory; one fifth-grade child wet his pants rather than venture into the toilet.

It probably started as soon as integration got underway.

And this bullying has often been compounded for White victims by the fact that they are not allowed to stand up for themselves without being deemed “racist”, or the fact that school officials, fearful themselves of being called “racist”, are afraid to protect them, as well as by a media that is silent on what is happening.

No one was standing up for these bullied White children—and they got the message that they were not allowed to stand up for themselves. Enter Donald Trump. He as a White male, stands up to the racial attacks hurled at him repeatedly and does not back down. He does not grovel when called a “racist”. He does not apologize for being White and having an opinion.

Could it be that this towering example of what it means to be White and stand up to the anti-White bullying of popular culture has given strength to some bullied White kids in American classrooms? I think probably so, and I think that is a good thing.

No more victim blaming White people. Perhaps if the non-White bullies hear “build the wall” enough times they will start to understand that White people can fight back, and maybe they will start to think twice about bullying White children.

Less bullying should make the always-whining-about-bullying left happy, but for some reason I suspect they will cling to their melanosupremacy and let their hatred of White people stop them from celebrating any such outcome.


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