Lion-Hearted No More:

So it’s official: London has its first Muslim mayor (and from what I can tell, after a brief check of London’s mayors for the past decade, likely the first non-White one as well). There is something deeply saddening and ironic about this. London: Britain’s capital, the city that has become surely the country’s most well known and well loved abroad. A city that is iconic of a country—a White country—that has historically been a key player in the fight to save Europe from Islam—now headed by a non-White Muslim. Thousands of years of White history rest in this land. It has a legacy to be proud of, which it has, over the last few decades, consistently indicated it is all too willing to throw away. This election is not after all, that surprising, in light of how the modern United Kingdom has repeatedly spat upon its proud White heritage, by bringing in hordes of non-White “immigrants,” and particularly in light of the current racial demographics of London: as of the latest data, a full 44% of London residents are not White.

One of the most important things to a racialist, is that each race has a place where they can preserve a social segregation that is as complete as possible. With the rise of the Nation-State phenomena, this means that we need countries that are racially homogeneous, and that each race needs to be able to maintain racial homogeneity on its own continent. This has become a basic right, and what is most disturbing to me as a White person, and a White Rights advocate, is that White people’s right to to keep their racial homelands homogeneous are under attack, and it is only White people whose rights to keep their racial homelands homogeneous are under attack.

Multi-racial cultures are an unnatural, wrongheaded, and dangerous concept. They don’t work, and cause misery, suffering, and loss of racial rights and identities. They are frankly, genocidal. To force Europe—as melanosupremacists there and elsewhere have been endeavoring to do over the past fifty years—to bring in large numbers of non-Whites, and make ourselves as Whites potentially a minority in our own homeland is genocide. Europe is the cradle of the White race. The incubator, the homeland. It is also, and always must remain, the population center. The place where the future existence of the White European kind is assured through consistent breeding populations, protected by homogeneity and a secure social territory.

Perhaps the worst case scenario, would be to ultimately lose Europe—the place where all of White history goes back to, the place where White history centers—to a non-White kind. Yet this is the fearful specter that the May elections evoke. Things like this must be a wake-up call, for they eloquently speak to the shifting demographic and power balance in the White world: our people’s world, our children’s world. We cannot let Europe go.

I remember quite vividly when I got the chance to travel to the United Kingdom in 2012. While the experience of visiting Europe, the land of my people, was a deeply moving, almost religious, one, I saw too, the signs of our kind’s dispossession from what is ours. From a Muslim woman leading a group of school-children around Sterling castle, to the group of young school-boys who passed us as we were loading up our tour bus in Stratford-upon-Avon, with a conspicuous West Asian in front:  They did not belong here. What did they have to do with Robert the Bruce or Shakespeare? This was not their history, and this was not their land, or their place. Just seeing them reminded me of the stark and painful reality that I was trying to temporally forget for the sake of enjoying my trip: that White Europe was fading, being overrun, and slowly but surely, dispossessed of the land and the society. What would the land of Richard the Lion-heart, who defeated Saladin, say now to its great leader? The capital now run by one of Saladin’s own.

But it was in London, that I came face to face with what I had been avoiding thinking about the whole time.  While in London one day, our group stopped briefly. Up ahead were several mounted guards. Those of us who wanted to touch that big, beautiful horse approached—like all the other tourists were doing. It was at that moment, that I noted a sudden sickening realization that the rider—serving in a position of power and prestige in this great European city—was Black, and at that moment too, a deep anger welled up inside me. Horses after all, are no more of my kind than are Blacks, but this horse did not come from a group who was threatening my kind or our rights. If that were merely the fact that the Black rider represented it would have been different. But it was not. His presence represented the threat that his kind posed to mine. As I turned away, for I almost couldn’t look, I well remember the deep sense of horror and loss that swept over me. A sort of despairing. If even when I come to Europe, I am faced with symbols of Black power and control, things must be very bad for us indeed. What this black officer symbolized was the incalculable value of the things Blacks and other non-Whites are taking from all White people around the world: our heritage, our rights, our societies and identities, and all too often our lives—even in Europe, where we should be the safest.

But, it is not too late yet to save our people, and to save Europe. It is not too late to make Europe White again. But it will take a concerted effort, it will take educating and raising the consciousness of our people, and it will take White people courageous enough to stand up and fight against their dispossession. White people all over the world must stand together to save our common heritage in Europe, and our common right in possessing Europe as a race. But it can be done, and there are signs that it is already preparing to be done. At times like these, there is hope mingled with the loss: we will not lose Europe. And things are changing. White people in Europe and the White diaspora in places like the United States are waking up. I found the video below earlier this week and it is very heartening. Let us make this a sign of great things to come; let us bring the heart of the lion back to Europe:



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