Clueless Clooney and Melanosupremacist Fear-Mongering:

Hollywood is at it again. George Clooney has decided to advertise his ignorance and hypocrisy to the world, in comments regarding the current U.S. election at Cannes Film Festival this past week:

“There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump. That’s not going to happen. Fear is not going to be something that drives our country. We’re not going to be scared of Muslims or immigrants or women. We’re not actually afraid of anything. We’re not going to use fear. So that’s not going to be an issue.”

There is a difference between courage and cluelessness. Not being “afraid of anything” is not a sign of intelligence, but of stupidity. This is a world full of enemies, and a world full of threats—and if one does not recognize enemies as enemies and threats as threats than he will soon pay the price.

Alas, that is far from the biggest problem with Clooney’s clueless rant (which so obviously bespeaks insecurity too: he really must be afraid that there will be a president Trump, or he wouldn’t use such exaggerated certainty when speaking of the possibility. He is clearly in denial to make himself feel better).  Regardless, the biggest problem begging to be addressed here is the age old problem of melanosupremacist hypocrisy and projection.

Whenever White people start to draw attention to the threats that they face in society, they are accused by melanosupremacists of fear mongering. “You are just afraid of them”, they taunt, and throw “phobe” onto the end of everything, in order to portray those raising their genuine concerns of being nothing but hysterical paranoid crazies. White concerns are not taken seriously—this is part of the melanosupremacist phenomena of melanocentrism. White people’s fears are mocked, ridiculed, and condemned. But, in line with melanocentrism, non-Whites fears are taken very seriously, never mocked or dismissed as being “phobias”, and perhaps even more damning, actively stoked by melanosupremacists. In fact, if there is an ideology of fear, it is melanosupremacy. The left has used fear from its very inception to gain political power.

Melanosupremacy is an ideology based on fear: fear of White people and fear of the truth. In fact, Equalitarianism as a whole is such an ideology. You will find Equalitarians of all stripes engaging in this: feminists sow fear of men in society, socialists sow fear of the wealthy, and as mentioned above, melanosupremacists sow fear of White people. The well established Equalitarian war on free speech also reveals their intense fear of the truth, and of anybody who holds an opinion contrary to theirs, so that they sow fear of anyone who does not think like them. And as Equalitarians, who at heart despise all forms of hierarchy and authority, they all too often (as has been vividly evidenced in the U.S. recently) sow fear of authority figures, particularly the police, and sometimes fear of religion (except Islam, the only religion they should be afraid of). Equalitarians are constantly running from—and talking about their fear of—that big White male boogyman. Moreover, they are constantly trying to stoke fear of the “big White male boogyman” in others, and then use the fear that they have stoked to win political office, by ever so earnestly promising to fight that “big White male boogyman®”.

And this goes all the way back to the start of their bid for political power. In the 50s and 60s, during the Equalitarian revolution, they did the exact same thing: creating fear of White people (and to a lesser extent people who were not young, and authority figures of all types), and then leveraging that fear to gain political power. Martin Luther King did it. The counter-culture did it. And they are still doing it today.

In short, Equalitarians like Clooney have been gaining political power by creating and stoking fear in their followers since the very beginning of their political endeavors as an ideology. They continually scare the Black and other non-White segments of the population with tales of the evil White man, and then promise that if they get into office, they will take this evil White man down. They constantly claim that Whites are out to get blacks and other non-Whites, that men are out to get women, etc. etc. And yet, as soon as a White person—especially, horror of horrors, a White male—raises a concern, he is dismissed because he is “using fear.”

This projection needs to be recognized for what it is: a tactic to silence White people so that they won’t push for policies which protect their rights, their lives, and their identities, and so that they don’t raise their voices to speak about their concerns over the threats that they face, or to argue for their interests. Perhaps too, this projection is a tactic to silence the consciences of Equalitarians, many of whom must realize, deep down inside, how very wrong and evil their ideology is. Recognizing, deeply somewhere, how their whole worldview revolves around a completely irrational fear of a whole kind/race of people, the subconscious attribution of that fear upon the motivation of the objects of their fear, materializes. In psychology this is called a projection.

Whatever may be one’s personal philosophy regarding the emotion of fear (it seems obvious to me that it can be either a positive or negative force, depending on the circumstances and how it is used) what is undeniably true is that the melanosupremacist left has always relied principally upon fear to motivate its voter base and its societal support base, and that it still does so today. Consequently, any complaints from Equalitarians that Whites or others they dislike are this-or-that “phobic” or are using appeals to “fear” to fuel turnout and support are both hypocritical and projections of their own internal fears of White men. They are also a tactic of melanosupremacy, used to retain societal power over White people.

I say then,  if they can do it so can we. That at least, should be a statement they can understand.


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