It’s Not About You: An Open Letter to Non-White Melanosupremacists

It seems that every time a White rights advocate raises an issue, you immediately accuse them of hating anyone who is not White. Inevitably, you trot out the tired old lines about how you must force yourselves on us so that we can learn to love you –as if raping someone will prove to them that they were really attracted to you all along. The whole thing is a false and hostile exercise that reveals some of the underlying psychology of melanosupremacism.

Maybe its narcissism, maybe its selfishness, or maybe it’s just that, despite screaming about how everyone’s perspective matters all the time, you simply can’t see any other perspective but your own. Maybe that’s it, but whatever it is, it needs to get set straight: to all the non-Whites out there who are always insisting that White Rights activists hate you, I have four words to say to you: it’s not about you.

If the reason I supported the policies I do, and called for the action I call for, and made the criticisms I make, and have the beliefs and positions I have, was because I was just bored to death and got some sort of bizarre satisfaction out of hating you all day long, than you’d be right. It would be all about you. My beliefs and positions would be because of you, my criticism would be inspired by you, and my action would be aimed at you. I would also be spending my time thinking about you, and you would be the reason I do and say what I do. If I was here because I hate you, it would be about you. But its not.

I am not here because I hate you, I am here because I love White people. Love of White people is the reason I do and say what I do. I will not see them hurt. I will not see them injusticed. I will not see them racially deprived and genocided. I will not leave their side. This movement is about us. My beliefs and positions are because I love White people, my criticism is inspired by attacks on White people, and my action is aimed at helping, supporting, and being solid with White people. This movement is about White people.

I know you are privileged in this melanosupremacist society. I know you are used to everything being about you and the world stopping every time you get your feelings hurt. I know you are used to not having to consider any perspective but your own. Yes, I get it: you are used to it being all about you. So let’s get something straight right now: the White Rights movement is NOT about you. It is different from the melanosupremacist world you are used to.

The White Rights Movement is NOT about non-White people. Period.  It is about White people. And it is sad that that scares you so much. This movement is about loving and defending and being solid with White people. That is it. We are not about you at all: we are not about hating you, we are not about criticizing you, we are not about being against you. It’s not our fault that you are about hating us, and criticizing us, and being against us. It’s not our fault that you attack Whiteness and White people, causing us to need to defend ourselves from you. Such defense is not evidence that we are about you in any way, such acts and words of support for White people are evidence that we are about White people; we are about loving, caring for, and nurturing White people—we are not about you.

So by all means, please stop the narcissism trip that makes you think everything everyone does is about you. It’s not. I’ll be bluntly honest and tell you that you aren’t even on my radar, unless and until you hurt White people. I don’t care about you; I care about your victims. I don’t want to hurt you, to deprive you of your rights, or mistreat you—but I don’t care about you otherwise. I am not thinking about you—that means I’m not thinking about hating you. I am thinking about what we can do to help White people. This is for them.

When you assume that I act and speak and believe as I do because I hate you, you are satisfying your narcissistic need for everything a White person does to be about you. Maybe you have this pathological need because somewhere, deep down, you realize that when we are thinking about you, you have power over us—power that is lost when we stop thinking about you. I agree, but I refuse to give you that power over us. I am not thinking about you, and I don’t do and say what I do because I hate you. Whatever the reason, you sometimes seem incapable of even conceiving of the idea that a group of White people focused on racial issues isn’t focused on you. I guess you’re butt-hurt about it. Is this your way of soothing your hurt egos  with the consolation that somehow, it is all still about you? Or is it that you can’t stand for White people to get any attention? Or love? And so you must try to take it away from us by making things all about you?

While I won’t venture to make anything but speculation on why exactly it is so, this I know is a fact: non-Whites like yourself are always trying to make what we do about them, instead of about us. And you are always assuming that we make our decisions after thinking about their effect on you, instead of their effect on White people and our rights. And that’s just not true—and really how self-centered, narcissistic  and small minded can you be? The reality of life is that everything is not about you. There are some things in life that are about someone else. And I’m afraid you’ll just need to get used to it—because you know what? That’s ok.


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