A Natural Christian Response to the Refugee Question

As the “refugee” question heats up, things are getting uglier for White people. Already thousands of these invaders have been admitted into European countries, and Canada and the US are also taking them in despite heavy protest. Do those of us who stand to suffer from bringing all of these racially foreign and Muslim immigrants into our backyards have no rights? Who does the liberal really care about here? Last week, an old church acquaintance started getting aggressive on facebook promoting bringing in Syrian “refugees”. This man should know better. He is a pastor after all, but alas—God’s ways are lost on most of the pastor’s nowdays too.

All of those who support taking in Syrians think so highly of their “love” and “compassion.” I want to ask them “where is your love for your own? Where is your love for your own children? For those who will be victims of the terror, violence, and loss of community and rights these invaders will bring?” Where is the liberal crowds love for those who stand to lose by taking “refugees”? Where is their concern for the welfare of their own? Where is the compassion for them? The pro-refugee/immigrant contingent has none; plain and simple. The matter is not a matter of love and hate, it is a question of choosing between two loves: the one a righteous love for one’s own, the other a perverted love for strangers.  In fact, the very idea that White people opposing “refugee” resettlement in White countries is hateful goes to show the true hate behind the supporters of the “refugees”: even just speaking up in our own defense, just demanding that our safety be considered, they call hate. They don’t even think White people have the right to defend ourselves or to have our safety considered. But there’s something else here too. Their priorities are all out of order, and that means they support causes that are wrong. These people are willing to throw their own into harm’s way in order to bring in Syrians. It is not only mind numbing it is wrong.

While running into this self-righteous behavior on my facebook feed this last week, I couldn’t help but remember a powerful example of what we as Natural Christians should be doing about this “refugee crisis”: namely, NOT putting them ahead of our own.

The book of Nature was given to us in order to be our guide. One reason why the various kinds of ‘humans’ have strayed so far from the right path is because they have strayed so far from Nature. It is always worth remembering: Nature is the right path. Nature is always there for guidance. It is no different here. I watch an endless number of Wildlife films, and I ran across a sequence a little while back from Nat Geo Wild’s “Yellowstone She-Wolf” that points out everything that is wrong about the liberal (secular or Christian) response to the “refugee” question.

In the video below the heroine of the film is trying to make it on her own while she searches for a mate in the vast wilderness of Yellowstone. While hunting, she comes across a herd of bison, and a lone elk calf. The herd of bison are uneasy. They have calves, and wolves don’t just hunt elk calves, they hunt bison too.  When the wolf attacks the elk calf, the elk refugee seeks asylum among the bison. The herd of bison now has a choice: allow the elk calf to bring the wolf into close and dangerous proximity to themselves and their calves by allowing her to stay among them, or refuse this refugee that poses a threat to their own. Their choice is swift and unambiguous. Watch the powerful video below:

They will not tolerate even an otherwise innocent and temporary refugee who poses any threat to their own. When the refugee elk refuses to move away from the bison, the threat she poses is swiftly and permanently removed. The bison know full well that they should do whatever they need to do to keep danger away from their calves. To have allowed the elk to stay would have been to throw their own calves to the wolf. And here, as always, lies the correct response to our “crisises”.

Already Syrian refugees have been instrumental in orchestrating the Paris attacks. And what we can be sure of, is that this will only be the beginning: these “refugees” will bring with them anti-White hatred and quickly be absorbed into the structure of melansupremacist society. They will bring crime, violence, displacement, and injustice to our own people. Anyone not of them who advocates bringing them in is advocating the suffering of their own. Every murder, every act of terrorism, every loss of rights, every injustice suffered by our people because of these “refugees” can be charged to the account of those who fought to bring in the perpetrators. What they are doing is wrong. Plain and simple.

This is not a question of choosing love over hate, this is a question of who you love more: your own, or a stranger. Bison harbor no ill-will towards elk. The two kinds often go about their daily lives in peaceful proximity of some sort or another to each other. The bison did not bear any particular dislike for this elk calf, what they did have was a powerful desire to protect their own first. And that necessitates rejecting the dangerous stranger. Here as there, it is not a matter of whether someone is thrown to the wolves, but rather who it will be. And when faced with that question, the only right and moral thing to do, is to always, always choose our own to protect.


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