A Little About How This Blog Came to Be

Since this post will open my Blogging journey here at the White Experience, I wanted to use it to reveal some of the backstory to how I came to set it up in the first place, since a little background is almost always helpful and interesting.

In many ways, this blog has been years in the making. I have wanted to start my own site where I could talk about the White experience and other issues I found important for years, but I just didn’t have the time. This blog represents beliefs that are as old as time itself, but that many in the modern world have lost sight of in the haste of their technology and stress filled lives, accosted constantly by unnatural models of behavior and ethics. This site also represents the result of my own journey of thinking on just how fundamental these truths are and how desperately we need them.

The White experience was something I was fortunate enough to never have really been made to feel ashamed of as child. I was very lucky, and I have since come to realize that most of my fellow White people have not been so lucky. I was homeschooled, and grew up on Wildlife stories, and largely—with some exceptions of course—allowed to grow up Naturally; and I consequently have, and always have had, a Natural understanding and beliefs. I was largely sheltered from the anti-White hatred in the world until I grew old enough to start having to engage with the world beyond the confines of my family home, and I realized very quickly that things were not all well out there in the world today. I was first shocked, then angry, then determined to help make the White experience one of joy, pride, connection, and empowerment for all of my racial brothers and sisters out there, who had been so viciously beaten down.

I have considered myself a White Rights advocate and White Nationalist by name since I first went looking for someone who, like me, was proud and happy to be White, and who like me, wanted to stand up for White people in the world today, towards the end the my highschool years. Before that time, I didn’t have a name for what I was, but that didn’t change the substance: I have always been my people’s advocate in some way or other, and I was overjoyed to find that there is a movement out there, struggling to bring this issue to prominence.

So, what about this blog? I am a fighter, and a thinker. I not only enjoy engaging in theoretical and philosophical discussions about the White experience, but I firmly believe it is vital to the White rights movement that we study our problem, think out the solutions, and know not only the upfront factual issues our people face, but also have a coherent theoretical understanding of how they are created and maintained in society, who does it and why, and how we got to this place of living in a society that oppresses Whiteness. 

While this blog aims to encourage a movement to make a massive difference in society, it also aims to make a difference in the life of every White person who comes here. This is a place for us to talk about our collective White experience, and to draw strength from knowing we belong to each other, as brothers and sisters who share the same life-form and thus the experience of Whiteness, and who are firmly bound together by our shared identities. I want this blog to make a personal difference. This blog is primarily oriented towards empowering the White experience one person at a time, and thus it is about White community, first and foremost. After we have empowered the White community, then we can get societal change, but the ultimate goal remains: White people have value, rights, and dignity in society. This is for the White community.

So, that’s a little bit about this blog, the difference I hope it can help to make, and why its here. Welcome!


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